Best restaurant(s) in Corfu, Greece

by Sara Norris

I forgot to share the best restaurant tip ever. So if you’re visiting Corfu, Greece (of course if you are, you will be staying in Villa Piedra, because it’s so beautiful ;-)), then you have to try this restaurant. It’s located on a tiny street and no way you will find it unless you know where it is. It’s called Gianitsis (in English) and in the area of Kastania, so it’s approx. 5 km from Kerkyra centre and 4.6 km from the airport. I don’t have any exact street address for it, but if I remember correctly there was a small grocery store on the same street.

View Larger Map – A is Kerkyra centre, B the area of the restaurant, and C Villa Piedra
I got the tip from the owner of Villa Piedra while we stayed there, he said if you want to eat an amazing lamb dish then go there. We went, and no words can describe how good it is. It was the best lamb I’ve ever had, anywhere in the world. As you can see from the photos, it’s not a five star luxurious restaurant if we go by looks (I personally do not care about restaurant exterior or interior, just has to be clean, but some people might not even try something if it doesn’t look “right” – don’t be fooled!). But if you value tasty food and to experience a local treat, then try it if you can!


Speaking of food, there’s another great place in Corfu that serve pitas, souvlakis etc for prices starting at 2,20€ per dish. You seriously got a big delicious pita or souvlaki for 2,20€ and I think we were there almost every day, haha. That was low season (April 2011), so prices might go up a little during the high season… but still a super affordable AND good place to eat. It’s on the Kerkyras-Lefkimmis street… I don’t have the number and have to check also the name for you and update it later.

View Larger Map – A is Kerkyra centre, B the area of the restaurant, and C Villa Piedra

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