Mas Lazuli was a hotel I found when searching for a place to stay in close to the beautiful driving road Cap de Creus. I was considering to drive to Barcelona for one night with the F-Type. But my schedule did not really permit a detour that south on this journey so I was left with […]

During my years of road tripping I have spent very long days in cars. I love to drive long distances. 400-600 km a day on mountain roads is not a problem to me, but as you can guess I do not spend much time outside the car those days. Stopping to take photos takes time, […]

Col du Mont Ventoux was my main reason for going to Provence. I read about this road and knew I want to drive it, it looked so beautiful in the photos I found. To drive to some of the roads I already knew about in Alpes-Maritimes before heading up via the “Route des Grandes Alpes” […]

After several days in the Pyrenees it was time to relax a little. Instead of doing a crazy route that would take several hours of my time I decided to drive straight to Provence from Carcassonne. In Provence I checked in to the five star Hotel La Coquillade, a hotel that is based in Gargas […]

One of the reasons why I love road trips more than just doing regular 1-2 week test drives is that on road trips I am able to create a day by day photo journey. There is something very special about finding those beautiful photo locations every day in different regions. It is also a challenge […]

The drive of day ten is definitely one of my favourites from the whole trip. These roads are a good example of deserted roads in the Pyrenees. If you go late September you will not find many other cars or bikers, but still good enough weather to enjoy driving. Because the cols are Tour de […]

After an early wakeup at Coll de Port it was time to move to the next dream roads on my list. I was now heading to the area where most of the roads I came for were located, the famous Tour de France mountain passes in Spanish and French Pyrenees that I wanted to check […]

When I the first time saw the photos of Cap de Creus in Spain I was blown away. Cap de Creus is a peninsula and headland in Catalonia, about 25 km from the French border and 180 km northeast from Barcelona. It is a national park with some of the most amazing landscapes I have […]

After some last shots on the beaches in Camargue in the morning, it was time to head towards Spain, via a car wash once again of course. I think there was something in the water in the first car wash that just kept leaving stains on the car even I tried to dry it properly. […]

After my check-out from Le Mas de Chastelas it was time to start the drive of the day. It was Saint-Tropez to Camargue, a roughly five hour drive with my route choice. Only 2,5 hours if you would take the highway though, but I chose the scenic coastal roads. My main reason for driving along […]

Early wakeup. About 700 km to drive, Zürich to Saint-Tropez. I was hoping to get there in time for dinner, and not at midnight. In the end it turned out this was an easier drive than I expected. Google Maps says it is a 7,5-8,5 hour drive but I of course stopped a few times and […]

When I booked the Jaguar F-Type Coupe R the plan was to do a road trip to Pyrenees with it, but before my departure on “holiday” there was still some work to do. Our Supercar Test Event with the Lamborghini Huracan against the Ferrari 458 Speciale, and three other cars (Maserati GranCabrio, Bentley Continental GTV8 […]

Since the start of September I have been on a MX-5 launch in Barcelona. I have been with the Nissan 370Z Nismo in Switzerland, Italy and France. I have been one week in Tuscany on a group driving tour with a Lamborghini Huracan and other nice cars. I have been on the UD Supercar Test Event […]