Stelvio Pass. I am definitely not exaggerating if I say to you I think about Stelvio several times a week. It can be when I see a photo of a nice car and think to myself “that could be a nice one to take to Stelvio”. It can be when I miss the Alps and […]

When I after our Grossglockner drive got the question if I want to join the group for one more drive to the road they had planned for the next day, Nockalmstraße, I of course said yes. I had never been on Nockalm Road before so it was interesting to try a new road in Austria. […]

The reason why I even in the first place ended up in Austria with a Porsche Cayman GTS was an invitation from a friend of mine. He told me they were a small group of friends planning a drive to the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria with not only one but two Porsche 918 […]

After I had received the keys to the yellow Porsche Cayman GTS I typed in Grossglockner in the navigation. The next morning I was supposed to meet the group with two Porsche 918 Spyders to drive it together, but my plan was to arrive already the evening before. What I did that day was to […]

The title sounds a bit more dramatic than it is. But I chose it to really in one sentence point out how good the yellow Porsche Cayman GTS I had for five days was. I asked Porsche if they would have a car for me to take to Austria, because I was on my way […]