I saved the RUF Automobile GmbH photos from Geneva Motor Show 2014 to a separate post. Because when I walked there at the show and looked at their cars I remembered I have a bunch of photos I took at a factory visit back in 2012 that I have only published on another website. Now […]

I am trying to organize all files on my external hard drive and found a lot of photos from the 2012 road trip that I have not published here. Sure, the photos are from 2012, but Stelvio Pass looks beautiful and it is nice to have these photos in the blog archive as well. In […]

A must see if you are in the area of Stuttgart is the Porsche Museum. Although it is not as big as the Mercedes-Benz Museum, it has the most amazing car collection. Everything you could think of, from classic Le Mans race cars to concepts that never made it to to production to the greatest […]

When I arrived to Château d’Alteville in Tarquimpol, Moselle (Lorraine, France – for more landscape photos of the area see my other post), I did not know if I would spend one night there, or perhaps even two. Often when I travel I feel I am going somewhere all the time, and especially on road […]

I published a story about my visit to the Gemballa factory last November on GTspirit.com some months ago. Now the gallery is up on my own website as well, as it is part of the road trip history, so wanted to include it here too as a memory. However no need to repeat myself with […]

A Pagani factory tour had been a dream of mine since the first time I visited Italy, in May 2012. I managed to visit several other places back then – like Lamborghini – but because of the earthquake I had to leave Pagani until next time. I did not have to wait that long before […]

It is quite a surreal feeling waking up in your own bed, without car keys on your bedside table, and not having to drive anywhere today. In a way it feels like I never even left Finland, yet in the back of my head I have all these memories from places I’ve been to in […]

I’ve just spent 50 hours in Hamburg and 28 of them together with a local petrolhead – best city guide I’ve ever had. Not only did I get tours around the city in a Morgan Plus 8 and an Aston Martin V12 Vantage (yes, really…), but I also got the complete petrolhead treatment – McLaren […]

I had a grand plan that when I arrive to Stuttgart today I’m going to dedicate an evening to doing blog posts and editing photos – but I wish. I’ve been driving and photographing almost non stop today – first I drove around 200 km to Stuttgart in the morning, then Mercedes-Benz Museum, then Porsche […]

After my sailing adventure in La Maddalena I took a much needed timeout. I had a voucher to spend at the accommodation booking website Wimdu.com so I did a search for Sardinia, found an apartment in a town called Dorgali that I booked, and changed my ferry booking from Olbia to Livorno thanks to Direct […]

First driving heaven dream come true on this trip – well, after Nürburgring, but I didn’t actually drive on the track so can’t count that in – was Grimsel Pass and right after it, Furka & Oberalp Pass. I don’t think many people would write about the world’s best driving roads without including them – […]

One of the coolest experiences on this trip has absolutely been my four nights on a sailing boat in La Maddalena, Sardinia. When I earlier looked for accommodation on Sardinia I got disappointed when I wasn’t able to find boat accommodation (or at least not budget friendly boat accommodation, luxury yachts are easy to find). […]

My first destination in Switzerland was Meiringen, a town in a valley surrounded by mountains – absolutely stunning location. Stayed with 3 guys there – I first booked only one night because Grimsel Pass is very close to Meiringen and that was my grand plan for Switzerland, but because of bad weather I ended up […]

My last stop in France before going over the border to Switzerland was Mulhouse. Not because of the city itself, but because of the Cité de l’Automobile car museum – Schlumpf Collection. There is such an overwhelming amount of cars there. Although the really vintage cars are interesting to look at, I personally prefer when […]

I was going to publish these photos in the post about Château d’Alteville but have to do two posts, because I did not realize I had that many photos. During my four night stay in Alteville, Lorraine I also walked around Tarquimpol and to Domaine de Lindre to take some photos. The walking paths are […]