On September 9th two years ago I was standing at the welcome desk for VW Group Night. This is the event that offers selected media and invited guests a chance to see the stars of the show already the evening before the first press day. I was there without an invitation, but somehow my friend […]

In November I got a message from one of the Briggs brothers, who are the founders of Briggs Automotive Company and the men behind the single seater street legal sports car BAC Mono. What first was an invitation to come over for a visit to their HQ in UK, and also join them for their […]

I saved the RUF Automobile GmbH photos from Geneva Motor Show 2014 to a separate post. Because when I walked there at the show and looked at their cars I remembered I have a bunch of photos I took at a factory visit back in 2012 that I have only published on another website. Now […]

I published a story about my visit to the Gemballa factory last November on GTspirit.com some months ago. Now the gallery is up on my own website as well, as it is part of the road trip history, so wanted to include it here too as a memory. However no need to repeat myself with […]

A Pagani factory tour had been a dream of mine since the first time I visited Italy, in May 2012. I managed to visit several other places back then – like Lamborghini – but because of the earthquake I had to leave Pagani until next time. I did not have to wait that long before […]

To get inside the Lamborghini factory and see the assembly line was one of the best automotive experiences I’ve had. It is extremely interesting to be able to see how they are built and how they look in progress. When you walk there you see the different stations and how it is coming to life, […]

It does probably not come as a surprise if I say that the main reason why I wanted to visit Italy was the cars. Blogville offered me a great location in Bologna, in the heart of Motor Valley, close to everything I needed and with a selection of automotive places to visit so huge that […]