It sends shivers down my spine to even look back to what most likely will always be my “BMW drive of a lifetime” – the magical day when I got to experience both a classic 1930s BMW 328 Frazer Nash, as well as a car I absolutely love the look of – a 1970s BMW […]

I test drove a Porsche 718, the new model where a 6-cyl naturally aspirated flat six engine has been replaced with a new turbo 4-cyl engine, the first time in Finland last June. The car was a lava orange Porsche 718 Boxster S, the one with a 2.5L engine producing 350 hp, but sadly without […]

There are the times when you have the keys to a car and just have to start recording some video, because if you skipped that part it would be a shame. The people would never hear what it sounds like – to read about something and see photos of something is not the same if […]

It has been a month and a half since I had the Porsche 718 Boxster S for a test drive for two days from Porsche Finland, and still today I struggle to decide what I really think of the 718. I would like to start by saying that a 718 was actually a car that […]

When I found out Lotus Finland had ordered another Lotus Evora 400, this time a red with an automatic gearbox, I was quick to tell them I want to shoot it while I am still in Finland. Last year I test drove the manual Evora 400 that was black, you can read about it here. […]

A first impression can be enough to feel butterflies in your stomach. A short drive can be enough to make you want more. A day with a car can be enough to get attached to it. But have the car for a full weekend and you might return the keys in love. Especially if your […]

The best order to test a model range would maybe be to start with a base model, and then move up to the more powerful ones. But from Lotus Finland the first car I took for a test drive last year was an orange Lotus Exige S Club Racer, a car that has now been sold to […]

My focus has not been on this site lately – sorry, but there will be fresh stuff in a few months time again. I had a day when I needed a break from the other at the moment more important things though, and decided to go through the Civic Type R video clips from the […]

When I picked up the Lotus Exige S Club Racer for a test drive I also saw the black Lotus Evora 400 that Lotus Finland / had in their showroom. A car that was so fully booked by local media that it was uncertain if I would even get a chance to drive it […]

Here the test drive video I did of the Lotus Exige S Club Racer, for sale at Lotus Finland. I did what I was capable of during the few hours I had with the car, but take it as a teaser, because you will see more of this car in future! If it will be […]

A few days ago I had a very nice test drive for only a few hours on a rainy day, but it was enough to get to know the car and see what the car feels like. The story behind this test drive is that a couple of weeks ago I read online that you can now buy Lotus Cars […]

In my email inbox there is a conversation with the title “NSX”. That email is the reason why I ended up in a Honda Civic Type R. I am now in Helsinki visiting my family. I saw an advert from Honda Finland, which made me send them a message to ask when and if the […]

When I for the first time asked Mercedes-Benz Finland about their Mercedes-AMG GT S press cars I knew they had there their press cars were not yet available for test drives. A few months later I finally was able to book one for a two day drive. Because I do not have any relationship with […]

Last month I picked up a black Alfa Romeo 4C from Motorvillage Zürich for a five day test drive. The car was booked for earlier dates in May but because some mountain passes I expected to be open mid-May were not open yet, I moved the dates a few weeks forward. This was not the […]

On 10th February I left Zürich around 4:30 am, with a plan to reach BMW in Munich by 8 am. Because of traffic I was a little late but when I saw my reward for getting up early, all smiles. Last time I had a car from BMW was 2013 when I took their BMW Z4 sDrive35i […]