I just realized, 9 months later, that I’ve forgotten to publish my Athens photos. I posted everything from Corfu but somehow totally forgot about the Athens pics and no, it’s not because it’s a lame city, but perhaps there wasn’t as much to photograph as I found on Corfu. I found poppies and bees and […]

I forgot to share the best restaurant tip ever. So if you’re visiting Corfu, Greece (of course if you are, you will be staying in Villa Piedra, because it’s so beautiful ;-)), then you have to try this restaurant. It’s located on a tiny street and no way you will find it unless you know […]

It’s not very often you’re invited to live in someone’s pride and joy, but with the Villa Piedra Corfu that is exactly what you experience. A family spent four years building their dream house not only for themselves, but also for us to enjoy if we want. You can tell it’s their dream come true […]

Came home with 800+ photos from the Greece trip. Around half of them taken by my travel companion who discovered the joy of owning a decent camera.. it’s only a 6,3 megapixel Canon EOS 300D bought in 2004 but still going strong. At some point it would be time to upgrade to a new one, […]

I’ve been on the run since 3rd April when we arrived to Athens (Athens pics coming later), then yesterday we flew to Corfu. I’ve only been here one night but I can’t even express how much I love the Villa Piedra we’re staying at. It’s a newly built private luxury villa on the top of […]

We’re going to Greece in April as a bunch of 6 persons for approx. 1 week. 4 nights will be in the Villa Piedra, Corfu. The last 2-3 nights will be in Athens. Have you been to Athens? What are the must see’s and do’s, where’s the best (budget friendly) shopping, anyone have some nice […]