When I after our Grossglockner drive got the question if I want to join the group for one more drive to the road they had planned for the next day, Nockalmstraße, I of course said yes. I had never been on Nockalm Road before so it was interesting to try a new road in Austria. […]

The reason why I even in the first place ended up in Austria with a Porsche Cayman GTS was an invitation from a friend of mine. He told me they were a small group of friends planning a drive to the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria with not only one but two Porsche 918 […]

After I had received the keys to the yellow Porsche Cayman GTS I typed in Grossglockner in the navigation. The next morning I was supposed to meet the group with two Porsche 918 Spyders to drive it together, but my plan was to arrive already the evening before. What I did that day was to […]

When I did the last route planning for the final Porsche 911 Targa 4S drive that would take us back to Stuttgart, from the hotel Fürstenhaus Am Achensee where I stayed the last night, I browsed around the internet looking for nice mountain roads to try in Austria. My final choice for the last drive […]

The Grand Hotel Lienz (website) is one of the hotels used for a driving tour, so it made sense to go and have a look at the hotel when I was driving in that area. When my colleague heard that this became the first five star hotel I have stayed in he was shocked. “You […]

From Grossglockner my journey continued to my next overnight stop – Tenuta Contarini a bit south from Belluno, in the Treviso region of Italy (known for their “green hills of Prosecco”). After Grossglockner I could have turned left to Felbertauern Straße (road 108) and take that route back, but because I drove it on the […]

Because the weather of day one ruined my Grossglockner High Alpine Road plans I was happy to wake up to sunshine the next day. I could have left Grossglockner to the last day also, as I was anyway coming back to this area of Austria later. But sunshine was here and now, and the road […]

A long day started in Zürich from where I had a 235 km drive to Stuttgart with the MINI JCW. They say that Swiss people, when they cross the border to Germany and get on that autobahn, go crazy… Pedal to the metal. Now I also know what it feels like. Now I remember again […]

On the 31st of July early morning Porsche can expect me outside their press fleet garage. Very early morning (no time to waste!). I am picking up the Porsche 911 Targa 4S and taking it on a five day drive to Austria and Italy. Planning the route has been great fun, because the mountain roads […]

On day ten it was time to start the drive towards Munich, because I had to return the next day to BMW. I was supposed to take another route – turn left after the Munt la Schera Tunnel and head for road 27 in Switzerland. But I of course turned right after the tunnel. When […]

I thought about this – should I confess what happened, or should I just “forget to mention”. But I decided I want to be a warning example instead – you learn from my mistake, please. Make sure you buy the vignettes (road tax) for every country that require them. “Vignettes are used in Austria, Bulgaria, […]