On day ten it was time to start the drive towards Munich, because I had to return the next day to BMW. I was supposed to take another route – turn left after the Munt la Schera Tunnel and head for road 27 in Switzerland. But I of course turned right after the tunnel. When […]

I woke up in a freezing cold Livigno. When you have been spoiled with a long summer (I moved to Italy in February = my summer started there, haha) the first real signs of an approaching winter are always a shock. Some hours later I would already be driving with the roof down in Switzerland, […]

One of the best days of this trip. Had a very relaxed day – short distance to drive. But instead time to enjoy the scenery. Stop whenever I wanted to because I had plenty of time to do it. Park the car. Sit down for an hour up on Umbrail Pass and watch my dog […]

I found a mountain pass heaven in the Dolomites. I added four passes in my navigation that day – Falzarego Pass, Valparola Pass, Gardena Pass and Pordoi Pass. They were right on my route to the direction of Stelvio from Sutrio, and I had a full day available to explore an area of Italy I […]

On day six I left Hungary and plan was to stay the next night in Italy, so only drove through Slovenia, no overnight stop there. I did some research before if there was anything in Slovenia I should see and found Vršič Pass on my route. It is located in the Julian Alps, and has an elevation […]

Day five of this trip was quite uninteresting. Woke up, left Romania, drove to Hungary. Spent a night by Lake Balaton and on the morning of day six I continued my journey towards Slovenia. So no nice landscape photos from day five. But to say something more about Romania… After three nights there I am […]

There I said it. Despite the fact that I went to sleep the evening of day three wondering what I really thought about the Transfagarasan Highway in Romania, I can now after a daylight drive admit that I really like it. However, I like Stelvio Pass too. And other European mountain passes I have been […]

Yesterday I wondered why my timing was so wrong – it was already getting dark when I arrived to Transfagarasan Highway, did not expect that. But no can do, the place I had booked a night at was on the other side of that mountain pass so what do you do – well you drive […]

I thought about this – should I confess what happened, or should I just “forget to mention”. But I decided I want to be a warning example instead – you learn from my mistake, please. Make sure you buy the vignettes (road tax) for every country that require them. “Vignettes are used in Austria, Bulgaria, […]

Day one (Friday) of the road trip was not super exciting, my only stops were on gas stations. I spent the whole day on highways, since 9 am to midnight – 15 hours! But from Düsseldorf to Munich I got a ride, so I did not have to drive that route myself. I had the […]

Tomorrow I will be sitting in a BMW Z4 on my way to Transfagarasan. FINALLY. I do not leave things to last minute because I necessarily want to — as you might know, Transfagarasan can close in October but if weather is good it can be open even in November. I knew it was a […]