A Tuscany trip highlight for me was a day trip to Elba. I have been to both Corsica and Sardinia couple of years ago but this was the first time on Elba. Not the last time though – I want to do this island hopping road trip tour. Before I just planned I would do Corsica-Sardinia-Sicily […]

On the route back from Italy and last day I had the Toyota GT86 I wanted to do a different mountain pass. I did Gotthard Pass when I drove down, but did not want to repeat the same route on my home journey. Wanted to try something new instead. San Bernardino Pass is a mountain […]

My food experience in Tuscany was out of this world. Blessed is the right word to describe how I feel – I have tasted some really amazing food. To have a local person bringing you to the best places is always the best thing you can have when you travel. Good tips should be passed […]

You already know I like the car. And when I say it is beautiful to look at, I need to show you what I mean with it. Hopefully I managed to capture the beauty of the car in the Tuscan landscapes, even if I had to survive without Richards help. First time I saw the […]

I have never even been to Florence (going there next week however). But I already can say I love Tuscany. Before when I thought of Tuscany I thought of an area in Italy without the sea. I thought of Florence, which looks very beautiful in photos, but it is still a city without a sea […]

When I managed to book a Toyota GT86 for five nights (hallelujah, Swiss press cars here I come…) I knew it was road trip time. I have been craving to drive that car since I had it for a long weekend in Helsinki last summer. I loved it. After our five night adventure I still […]