Driving roads in beautiful landscapes is one reason why I love Tuscany, but the other really is the good food I find there. The quality of the food and all the great new restaurants I find each time I am there. Again I have visited places that truly deserve a special mention here because of […]

Tuscany is so hard to explain as a place. I visited Tuscany the first time in May 2014 so I had only travelled to other parts of Italy before this. I had of course seen many photos of Tuscany online, the famous landscapes. But it is not before you are in Tuscany yourself you see […]

I have spent three months without my dog because of a lot of travel (for work, for leisure road trips I usually go with the dog, but work trips and events are more difficult). When my mother said instead of me having to go to Helsinki and pick her up from their home in November, […]

My food experience in Tuscany was out of this world. Blessed is the right word to describe how I feel – I have tasted some really amazing food. To have a local person bringing you to the best places is always the best thing you can have when you travel. Good tips should be passed […]

Today I pampered myself with food. During this journey I am learning to deal with that “going to a restaurant alone” thing. Yesterday when I booked a table for tonight to La Cave a Champagne here in Èpernay the waitress said “for two?” “no, for one”. It is not embarrasing – I know, like I […]

I actually enjoyed Faenza a lot, although it would probably never cross my mind to do all this if I went to these places solo. But because it is the city of ceramics we visited the museum Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza and a potter with a small shop nearby (Geminiani Gino at 13 […]

There is one restaurant in Emilia Romagna that deserves it’s own post – Restaurant da Cesari in Bologna. Although I enjoyed really good food for more than two weeks in Italy, I mean seriously extremely good food, this place has a special place in my heart, and stomach. This is where my to-be life long […]

On 25.5. the Blogville Emilia Romagna group visited a producer of traditional Italian balsamic vinegar, Acetaia San Giacomo. When we drove on a tiny sandroad I didn’t know what to expect and where we will end up, but oh, that farm is stunning. The old stone building is breath taking and the views over green […]

I had two really good restaurant experiences on Madeira (both a 5 minute walk away from Pestana Village), so both deserve a mention here. LAREIRA PORTUGUESA Estrada Monumental, Travessa Doutor Valente, nº 7 – Google Maps A good seafood restaurant. I lost my octopus virginity here and yes, I would eat it again! I had the […]

When I wrote about the “Go with Oh” campaign I mentioned that I should do another post and tell you about some other cool campaigns going on online that I know of… so here we go. If you have something to add here, leave a comment, if it’s good I will surely shout out about […]

I forgot to share the best restaurant tip ever. So if you’re visiting Corfu, Greece (of course if you are, you will be staying in Villa Piedra, because it’s so beautiful ;-)), then you have to try this restaurant. It’s located on a tiny street and no way you will find it unless you know […]