On September 9th two years ago I was standing at the welcome desk for VW Group Night. This is the event that offers selected media and invited guests a chance to see the stars of the show already the evening before the first press day. I was there without an invitation, but somehow my friend […]

Final set of photos from Essen Motor Show 2013 comes here (gallery number one is here). Photos of cars from Brabus, Manhart Racing, MTM, Rothe Motorsport etc. The classic car collections were amazing too. Sure, people who has been to car museums all over Europe have probably seen most of these cars by now, but […]

Yesterday I visited the preview / press day of Essen Motor Show 2013. There are two important reasons why I go to motor shows. Number one is networking. Give out business cards, fill my pockets with business cars, introduce myself, tell people what I do and what I want to do. Meet other automotive journalists, […]

On the second day of the Land Rover road trip we took the new 9-speed Range Rover Evoque from Strasbourg and drove to the Black Forest, where we changed cars and continued with the Range Rover Sport SDV8 (Autobiography) to Zürich. Now I again have to do some food hyping but Gourmet Restaurant Adler in […]

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A must see if you are in the area of Stuttgart is the Porsche Museum. Although it is not as big as the Mercedes-Benz Museum, it has the most amazing car collection. Everything you could think of, from classic Le Mans race cars to concepts that never made it to to production to the greatest […]

I asked a friend on Facebook where I should drive – 3 days time and nearly 700 km to drive from Hörstel, Germany to Paris. 2 stops along the way and I could get away with driving around 250 km per day. Plans changed – because he said go to Nürburgring. I actually had thought […]

On Saturday I had to decide where to drive from Lübeck and decided to go for National Park Schleswig-Holstein Wattenmeer. However without internet connection and with a Nokia Lumia 900 that erased ALL the maps I had downloaded for offline mode (we do not talk about it, I was so pissed off – plus it […]