The final video from the #gt3tour is here. It is a collection of some clips I had left from that road trip. Tuscany & Hotel Le Fontanelle, Grand Hotel Miramare in Liguria, Col de Turini, Lake Garda & Strada della Forra, and a few clips from the Swiss Alps. I did not plan to do […]

My first visit ever to Lake Garda happened last April when I drove there with the Porsche 911 GT3 to shoot some photos on Strada della Forra. I stayed there one night and got the chance to explore some towns around the lake both in the evening and morning. I have not yet shown the […]

When I got two hashtag stickers for the Porsche 991 GT3 before going out on the trip – #gt3tour and @getpalmd – it was mainly with Monaco in mind. I knew that during the dates of Top Marques there would be car spotters in every corner of the streets around Monte Carlo. I was hoping […]

I feel I have been very lucky because I have been able to visit Tuscany several times in the past two years and I have had the privilege to also see the many sides of this beautiful region in Italy. From the busy alleys inside Florence Old Town to the seaside retreats on the Tuscan […]

I had driven Col de Turini twice before, last October, when I decided to return there with the Porsche 991 GT3 after the trip to Monaco. Sunday afternoon I started an 1,5 hour drive from Monte Carlo to the top of Col de Turini with one plan in mind – stay overnight at top of […]

When it was time to drive south to Brescia for the Cars & Coffee I was determined to find a good scenic route for the GT3. The fastest way would have been to take the highway from Zürich but instead I chose to take the road to the St. Moritz direction. To find open mountain […]

After doing a first short photo shoot in the hills above Monaco (see all the very nice pics in this post) with Italian photographer Federico Bajetti, I met up with him again when I stopped at Lake Garda on my way back from Monaco. First we did a few photos in the evening and the […]

I have found so many incredibly beautiful photos online of the racing yellow Porsche 991 GT3 that I on my #gt3tour took to Cars & Coffee Brescia, the first event of the year organized by Cars & Coffee Italy. Many of the shots so good they they need to be shared and I also want […]

Here a video with mixed footage from the four nights / five days I spent with the GT3 in Monaco, and around Monaco. I rented an apartment just at the border between France and Monaco, in Beausoleil, also with a garage. Although it would have been a walking distance to Monaco I actually walked just […]

On September 9th two years ago I was standing at the welcome desk for VW Group Night. This is the event that offers selected media and invited guests a chance to see the stars of the show already the evening before the first press day. I was there without an invitation, but somehow my friend […]

During my five days in and around Monaco I had plenty of time to shoot the racing yellow Porsche 991 GT3, both video as well as photos both by myself as well as with the help from other people. I had a couple of planned photo shoots and one of them was going to be with the Italian […]

A few years ago I spent a few months on the Ligurian coast, in Portovenere. With sea view. And it was beautiful. I have not been back to this area since I moved away and now I felt it was time to return there for a short stay and of course a GT3 is a […]

On my #gt3tour with the Porsche 911 GT3 I visited for the first time in my life Top Marques Monaco 2015, which is the annual show held in Monaco showcasing some of the most exclusive luxury brands from all around the world. Including cars of course – and to be honest I walked straight to […]

A video from Cars and Coffee Brescia on 12.4.2015. Amazing event – lovely locations, beautiful cars, friendly people, the incredible crowd of people waiting for the cars to arrive at the gates to the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia… Thank you, thank you! Nice cars brought a great bunch of petrolheads together from all over Europe and […]

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The first program I had on my #gt3tour was Cars & Coffee Brescia that is a car meeting by Cars & Coffee Italy. I saw it was the week before Top Marques and also on my route from Switzerland to Monaco, so of course I signed up for it. I had never before attended a […]