#gt3tour in Monaco – Porsche 991 GT3 spotted

by Sara Norris

When I got two hashtag stickers for the Porsche 991 GT3 before going out on the trip – #gt3tour and @getpalmd – it was mainly with Monaco in mind. I knew that during the dates of Top Marques there would be car spotters in every corner of the streets around Monte Carlo. I was hoping that by placing the stickers on the windows a few of them would use the hashtag, or tag me, so I could that way easily find the photos of the GT3. It worked like I wanted it to work and now I have a fantastic collection of photos from Monaco of the 991 GT3 spotted by others – a big thank you to all of the photographers for sharing!

Obviously you drive press cars for selfish reasons – I book them because I want to drive and shoot them. But at the same time I enjoy if the car I drive can get as much exposure as possible and in the case of the GT3 I feel it got the attention it deserved, and hopefully the list of people who daydream of racing yellow GT3:s grew with a few after seeing and hearing the car on the streets of Monaco.

Enjoy a few of my favourite shots found online! Now the question is what should I drive to Monaco next April… ;-)

Bas Fransen GT3 2

Two first photos by Bas Fransen Car Photography / www.basfransen.com

Andre Vieira GT3 Monaco

Photo by André Vieira – Photography

Dorian Gorda GT3 Monaco

Photo by Dphotographymc

Kero Supercar GT3 Monaco

Kero GT3

Kero GT3 2

Photo by Kero Supercar Photography

tfjj GT3Monaco

Photo by Instagram user tfjj – gotta love that comment, of course all women driving GT3:s are hot ;-)

W Kemp GT3 Monaco

W Kemp GT3Monaco

Photos by Instagram user @supercar.photography.7

GT3 dog spotting Monaco


Photo by Aaron 167 Photography / @aaron167photo

GT3 Photolisbeth Monaco

Photo by Photoslisbeth

Monaco GT3 bus

Photo by CAA Photographie31


Photo by Marchettino

Drinking a #Milkshake in the #Mcdonalds while @Getpalmd got #spotted! During #TopMarques #Monaco.

A photo posted by CarspotterJeroen (@carspotterjeroen) on

Yellow Porsche 991 GT3 infront of the skyline of Monaco! #Porsche #991 #991GT3 #Monaco #gt3tour #getpalmd #TopMarques #cvdzijden

A photo posted by www.YouTube.com/CVDZIJDEN 🚘 (@cvdzijden) on

Love the GT3! @getpalmd !

A photo posted by Carspotting made in Munich (@munichcarspotting) on

Well, my favorite color I guess I would say yellow.

A photo posted by ! Gilles Ancion ⌚️🚗 (@gilles_ancion) on

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