It was earlier this year that I first heard of the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Prestige 2017 classic car event and I immediately knew I would want to go. On their site it is described as an event for all fans of vintage vehicles – like a Concours d’Elegance. This year the event was held on 23rd & […]

One of my first drives up on the beautiful mountain road Col de Vence in France, about 20 km from Nice, was almost 3 years ago in a BMW. I had photographer Richard Pardon & videographer JC Pieri hanging out from the boot of the car, shooting supercars behind me. I got caught by the […]

Route de la Turbie and the road that goes up all the way to Tête de Chien, from where you have an amazing view over Monaco and the coast… This scenic driving road that can be described as the playground of Monaco supercar owners has now become my playground too. I was first introduced to […]

After a failed sunrise drive up to the summit of Mont Ventoux it was time to do a change of plans. My first idea was to stay a night in the area (because two sunrise drives are better than one, right?). However because the road was closed I decided to start the drive back instead […]

Sometimes when I have a car for a drive I know exactly where I want to take it, what road I want to drive with it. Now the Porsche 718 Cayman was delivered to me a morning in late December, with temperatures ranging from 13-20 degrees daytime on the French Riviera. I got the car […]

What would be the perfect way to end a road trip? To check in to a nice hotel, of course. When I said goodbye to my friends in Monaco I was not going to head back directly to Germany to return the Porsche. Instead I drove to Saint-Paul-de-Vence to check in to Le Mas de […]

There are so many scenic roads in South of France. Some of them are just nice for photo shoots, as they are single-track roads and not in the best shape, so you would not want to go fast there. But if you want a nice place for pics and zero traffic, only a beautiful driving […]

What do you get when you start up the engines of a Porsche 991.II Carrera S and a Jaguar F-TYPE V6, tap the exhaust buttons and drive out from Monaco to a few nice mountain roads nearby? You get The Popcorn Race. If you have read about a road trip I did with a Jaguar […]

The final video from the #gt3tour is here. It is a collection of some clips I had left from that road trip. Tuscany & Hotel Le Fontanelle, Grand Hotel Miramare in Liguria, Col de Turini, Lake Garda & Strada della Forra, and a few clips from the Swiss Alps. I did not plan to do […]

During my years of road tripping I have spent very long days in cars. I love to drive long distances. 400-600 km a day on mountain roads is not a problem to me, but as you can guess I do not spend much time outside the car those days. Stopping to take photos takes time, […]

Col du Mont Ventoux was my main reason for going to Provence. I read about this road and knew I want to drive it, it looked so beautiful in the photos I found. To drive to some of the roads I already knew about in Alpes-Maritimes before heading up via the “Route des Grandes Alpes” […]

I had driven Col de Turini twice before, last October, when I decided to return there with the Porsche 991 GT3 after the trip to Monaco. Sunday afternoon I started an 1,5 hour drive from Monte Carlo to the top of Col de Turini with one plan in mind – stay overnight at top of […]

After several days in the Pyrenees it was time to relax a little. Instead of doing a crazy route that would take several hours of my time I decided to drive straight to Provence from Carcassonne. In Provence I checked in to the five star Hotel La Coquillade, a hotel that is based in Gargas […]

One of the reasons why I love road trips more than just doing regular 1-2 week test drives is that on road trips I am able to create a day by day photo journey. There is something very special about finding those beautiful photo locations every day in different regions. It is also a challenge […]

Here a video with mixed footage from the four nights / five days I spent with the GT3 in Monaco, and around Monaco. I rented an apartment just at the border between France and Monaco, in Beausoleil, also with a garage. Although it would have been a walking distance to Monaco I actually walked just […]