Toyota GT86 in Tuscany: The modeling portfolio

by Sara Norris

You already know I like the car. And when I say it is beautiful to look at, I need to show you what I mean with it. Hopefully I managed to capture the beauty of the car in the Tuscan landscapes.

First time I saw the avenue leading to Bolgheri in Tuscany I knew I have to come back early in the morning. When it comes to photography I think the morning light is magical. Last summer in Finland I woke up every time that I had a press car at least once 4-5 in the morning, just to a) be able to enjoy the empty roads and b) get the best light for photos. Sunrise, mist, fog… I love it. So five in the morning I woke up to shoot the GT86 on the Bolgheri avenue and it was so worth it.

Toyota GT86 white

To me the design of the GT86 is a real Japanese sports car. I would probably not get one with stripes – although it looks OK and people always seem to look a little extra – but the pearl white colour really brings out the shape of the car. Looks amazing in white, before my favourite was the orange but now I am not sure which one I like more. Although black looks nice too… black car, black wheels, black wing… I have the reputation of being crazy about wings on cars – if I would buy a Lamborghini it would have to be the Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale (w-o-w) and Ferrari… ehm… F40… – so GT86 with wing for me please. But to be honest I am not a huge fan of the wing that comes with the Aero kit, what I have in mind would be more something like this

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