Chicmoto – a car website for the ladies

by Sara Norris

As a female petrolhead it is always nice to hear from other girls who like cars. I mostly have male friends and from the few females there are very few who have any interest in cars. So it does not happen very often that you find them, but last week a girl named Caroline Ecklin who lives in United States sent me an email, and told me about her website. Chicmoto ( is a “Motor With Confidence” website, a website dedicated especially to women to learn more about driving and owning cars. I think the idea is great and hopefully more women will discover the world of automotive, and get some useful tips. Not that you need to be a woman to enjoy the content, there is something for everyone I think.

Caroline seems like a super cool girl – she has a race licence, and to quote her own words in her blog description: “I want to teach women that cars are not as difficult as they may seem, and you do not need to be an expert to understand what is going on behind the wheel.”.

Caroline asked me if I want to answer a Q&A in an interview series she does for her blog, and of course I said yes. I am in good company there – Caroline has already interview female race car drivers, tire engineers, and more! Thank you for the interview Caroline, you can read my answers here:

Chicmoto Motor With Confidence - Car blog for women

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