Supercar luxury driving tours in Europe

by Sara Norris

The Colcorsa website is now live – you can visit it here. On the new site you can read more about the company & the idea behind it. It is a new luxury driving tour company in Europe, that offers driving holidays in supercars, sports cars and classic cars on some of the best driving roads in Europe.

“The world’s greatest driving roads in the best driver’s cars”.

For a few years I have been thinking that one day I would love to have a driving tour company. Perhaps I was too afraid to try earlier, and I wanted to gain more experience and knowledge, so I worked for other companies. Some might assume that when I decided to quit my last job I already knew what I was going to do next, which is not true, I did not have a clue for a while. But I knew I had to move on, because the life I have had in the past years made me more unhappy than happy. Life is short, it was not worth it. You have dreams, but what are they worth if you never try to achieve them? It was not before a few months after leaving the last job that I decided it is now or never. Perhaps a person of my age should not say this but the way I feel is that I am not getting any younger at least. It takes time to build a business. I have the courage to take some risks now, but if I would have waited two or five years, it is possible I would never have done this.

So now I did it. Small steps, big plans, and created with passion.

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