48 Hours in Hong Kong / #NokiaTSN, Friday

by Sara Norris

Last day and last post about the topic. This was the second challenge day and the first thing we did that morning was to learn tai chi! And that was seriously really cool, it’s apparently a free of charge session and arranged by the Hong Kong tourist association or something like that (Google……). Other activies that day included the Mandarin Oriental spa (AMAZING MASSAGE!!!!!!), helicopter ride over Hong Kong from the fancy The Peninsula, heavenly food – of course, and some very cool locations around Hong Kong… see pictures!

And the team I was in won (it was a photo challenge, we had to submit around 10 photos from the two days and they had to be taken with the Nokias we used) –  our “funny picture” was  unbeatable (the planking in front of the Buddha) and I’d of course like to think that the victory also came because we won the category “portrait picture” with a photo of me trying to look like Kate Winslet in Titanic… (…… sort of). We did some groups shots as well, one with two policemen we found on the street and the other one in a wig shop and I was wearing a nice pink one… those pictures might not be for your eyes though, haha (actually I don’t have them, have to email the boys so I can save them as a fun memory).

So how did we end the last night in Hong Kong? We went to the karaoke bar of course and sang until 5 AM. Spice Girls, Westlife, Backstreet Boys… all my favorite bands from the 90’s :-D I had to get up a 8 AM because the cab to the airport picked us up at 9 AM. So around 2,5 hours of sleep and then a 17 hour journey back home to Finland… I did not have a “real” hangover (just had a few beers that night), but it totally FELT like the worst hangover ever!! Do you always get that after karaoke? It was my first time ever doing karaoke, which is apparently odd considering I’m already 23 and “should have done it” – at least some people think so. See the last video in this post. That’s what karaoke is most often like when done by a Finn… so now you know why I haven’t bothered to try before.

And as promised, here is the second planking in Hong Kong together with Jason (@smashpop) at the Hong Kong market (last challenge). Photo by @jadejavu, thank you! :-)



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John October 6, 2011 - 11:25 am

Love the results you got from just Nokia cameras. Would be ace to see what you could get with a DSLR challenge!

getpalmd October 7, 2011 - 11:08 pm

All of those are not Nokia 701 pictures… 1/4, the rest are Canon EOS 300D ;) I think you’re able to spot which ones are the Nokia pics, it’s a good camera, but not a GREAT camera. The helicopter video is also Nokia 701.


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