48 Hours in Hong Kong / #NokiaTSN, Thursday

by Sara Norris

Finally I’ve edited the photos from the trip. The WOMWorld Nokia video has not yet been published, still waiting, but here are my photos from Day 3 in Hong Kong, Thursday (and a few from Wednesday). It was the first day of the actual challenge called “48 hours in Hong Kong – Nokia Try Something New”. There were two teams: I had @smashpop and @S60inside in my team Exciting Plankers, while the other team Screaming Eagles had @jadejavu, @teacupblog and @clintonjeff in it. All five amazing and so funny, I’m happy we met!

I won’t go into challenge details, hopefully the actual video will show what we did (running, running and more running…). I heard a lot of “Amazing Race” comments, it totally looked like that! I’ll just show you shots taken during this day, that will reveal some of the places we visited. First up in the morning was a cable car ride to the Buddha statue (recommended if you visit Hong Kong — we had a foggy day, but if you choose a sunny you’ll have an amazing view from the top). I know they have some great videos of me, haha… I perhaps thought I was in better shape than I am when I ran up the stairs: started out as fast as I could, ended up half dead. Later we went for a boat ride, ran more, and had an super tasty dinner at a restaurant called Serenade (they serve delicious baby hedgehogs). But here are the photos as well as a “backstage” video just for fun (nothing serious), shot with the Nokia 701. From the images only the hotel pool photo is taken with the 701.

And for your information: I’VE PLANKED!!!! TWICE!!!! The second planking you’ll see in the Friday post.

PS. It must be gravity that made my ass look that flat.

Hong Kong planking


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Ng wei October 31, 2011 - 8:38 am

Wow~ cool planking @Buddha statue! Tot there were none of them done it before @ the Buddha statue, therefor me & my fren were did the same thing 2 weeks ago when we travel in HK. But anyways urs is much more better, good job!

getpalmd October 31, 2011 - 10:00 am

I wanna see a pic of your planking! :)


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