I contacted Canon a month ago and asked if I could try out something better than what I have been using for the past 8 years, the EOS 300D. The truth is the only DSLR I have ever used and even tried has been the 300D (which means it has been a great camera), and […]

I have spent one week on Madeira so some travel posts & more photos to follow shortly – but here is a little sneak peak. I thought that I will post the smartphone photos separately from my DSLR photos. The Lumia didn’t disappoint me this time either, on one mountain walk to the highest peak […]

I wasn’t sure if I should post a review or not as I wondered can I say something that hasn’t been said yet. But I thought that perhaps I can offer a different point of view, because I belong to that group of people that maybe read reviews on tech websites, but a lot of […]

When I tested the Nokia Lumia 800 in London my biggest fear was that the camera would not be good enough for me – I have after all tried the N8 camera and thought it would be impossible to beat in the smartphone world (not that I loved the still shots it produced, but the […]

Approx. two months ago my mum called me from a shop and told me she she was standing there trying on her dream jacket. 299€ for a jacket from MAKIA. She asked me should she buy it and I said no, it’s not worth the price. Around one week later she called me again, from […]

I have a few short video clips from Nokia World 2011, two first from Future Lounge. All shot with the Nokia Lumia 800 (do not ask me with what settings, I honestly didn’t even check, and these are original files = not edited) and now when I’ve seen these I have to admit that the […]

I didn’t want to publish this post before the podcast I listened to in London was available online, and it now is. The thing is that when you’re at Nokia World, you get overwhelmed by the atmosphere there. You focus on the positive things and later when everything has calmed down, you have time to […]

I should have learned from the Hong Kong trip that with Nokia it’s busy ;-) So I don’t have a huge amount of photos from the two last days, but here are a few. I have a post waiting to be published with more thoughts about Nokia and the Lumia, but I need a podcast […]

Because I’m on my way to the Nokia World evening event /party in 20 minutes, I have to keep this short and simple and let the photos do the talking. I have the Nokia Lumia 800 in my hands now for a couple of days, so will do some testing. Based on what I’ve seen […]

Arrived to London today. Plane from Helsinki to London filled with Nokia people, spotted one familiar face from Hong Kong and it was Mango and Meego talk everywhere. Dinner and hanging out (as you can see from one photo, it was again done in Nokia style = tweet while you eat). After dinner we moved […]

Wooden laptop case from Estonian brand BlackGizmo, 99€. I want one! Coolest summer accessory for 2012!

Last day and last post about the topic. This was the second challenge day and the first thing we did that morning was to learn tai chi! And that was seriously really cool, it’s apparently a free of charge session and arranged by the Hong Kong tourist association or something like that (Google……). Other activies […]

I got the chance to test the Nokia N8 through WOMWorld Nokia… a while ago, haha. But my computer is sooooo slow when I edit the video clips that I’ve kept saying to myself I’m gonna do it another day… and then again another day. Today was the another day, so finally I can publish […]

Finally I’ve edited the photos from the trip. The WOMWorld Nokia video has not yet been published, still waiting, but here are my photos from Day 3 in Hong Kong, Thursday (and a few from Wednesday). It was the first day of the actual challenge called “48 hours in Hong Kong – Nokia Try Something […]