Faenza – ceramics, a frog & chocolate salami

by Sara Norris

I actually enjoyed Faenza a lot, although it would probably never cross my mind to do all this if I went to these places solo. But because it is the city of ceramics we visited the museum Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza and a potter with a small shop nearby (Geminiani Gino at 13 Via Nuova). I rarely go to museums. It would be wrong to say it’s out of my comfort zone, because I don’t really have one – like with food, I think you should try as many different things as possible. You won’t like everything you try, but that’s not the point either. However museums – and cultural events like theater, ballet, exhibitions, even concerts – are things I just don’t attend unless I have a very good reason (so good company who wants to see something and I join them, or something like this – an arranged trip). Doesn’t at all mean I don’t enjoy them when I am there, but for some reason I just stay quite far away from them even when traveling (unless there are cars, surprise surprise). However a few good experiences later and I am now ready to try this more often!

But ceramics are more fascinating than I would have imagined. I made a few pots when I was a kid, but remembering what they looked like I haven’t really thought about the fact that with skills people are able to create pretty epic things with their hands. So lets go cultural and look at some beautiful stuff I found there. I actually enjoyed the modern ceramics a lot (the fly, the man coming out from the artwork, the orchid etc), it’s the type of style I could see in my own home. And the “squeezed” espresso cups in all the bright colors – absolutely love them!

Our visit to Faenza was short but the town looked cute – however I really don’t think there’s a “not cute” town in Emilia Romagna so probably just repeating myself in all my posts. I kissed the small frog on the fountain by the way (no frenchie this time), you do what you have to do right… but based on my personal test results it didn’t really work as you’d expect it to work.

Because all days in Italy end with booze (eh, wine) and loads of food – or actually there’s first the huge lunch, and then the huge dinner, so you eat like a horse twice a day – the post needs some foodie pics too. La Baita got us, and it’s actually rated the number one restaurant in Faenza on Tripadvisor. Food was really really good, but lets talk desserts for a few seconds – chocolate salami, oh my GOD! Sweet things make you happy for a short moment, until you get back home – I’m now on a diet for a while!

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keane October 2, 2012 - 5:06 pm

Great photos! I think I missed the chocolate salami :D

Tina Ferrari October 2, 2012 - 5:31 pm

I lived in Faenza for a while and I really loved it – and miss it!  Luckily I’m just 45 minutes away… ;-)


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