Photos from Ferrari Museum – Maranello

by Sara Norris

If I post 96 photos from the Ferrari Museum in Maranello I am not allowed to write a novel here, I know, but I ca not keep my mouth completely shut either.

What I want to say is, first of all, Ferrari open your factory doors because I want in! That’s actually a huge disappointment because I loved to see Lamborghini factory and I would have loved to see the Ferrari factory, but they won’t let me in before I’m rich enough to buy a Ferrari, so I wait. There is a bus tour that they like to call “Factory & Track Tour”, but you don’t get off the bus, so basically you can’t see that much of the assembly line. I didn’t try it though – could be alright, but I would prefer the full menu and not just an appetizer.

BUT the Museo Ferrari in Maranello is a cool place even though you’re not allowed to see the assembly lines. Nice cars – see photos – and I had such a nice guide (Andrea M. if someone needs a name) that I have to recommend a guided tour there, even though I usually am the type of person that prefer to wander around solo and take my own time. But they really know what they’re talking about, so it’s nice to listen and learn. It’s 150€ per guide and you need to book them in advance. Especially if you’re a small group and can split the cost – totally worth it.

The F40 and the 458 Italia – wow. Did you know that Mr. Enzo Ferrari actually prefers yellow over red? So if you’re a true Enzo fan you should absolutely get a yellow Ferrari. Standing next to an Ferrari Enzo (or the shell of it) and to see the proportions… spaceship. It would suit me, I have a pair of matching silver astronaut pants. That car is seriously low, wide, long, and it’s all over the place. The problem is however that I would look almost too cool if I owned one, but no worries, because I will never afford one anyway!

But now the photos from the Ferrari Museum. Highly recommended if you plan to visit the area.

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