Pagani, RUF, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Meilenwerk…

by Sara Norris

I had a grand plan that when I arrive to Stuttgart today I’m going to dedicate an evening to doing blog posts and editing photos – but I wish. I’ve been driving and photographing almost non stop today – first I drove around 200 km to Stuttgart in the morning, then Mercedes-Benz Museum, then Porsche Museum, then Meilenwerk, and then I had to eat something as well. So now I sit here with around 650 new photos just from today and haven’t even done anything to the Pagani and RUF photos yet – there’s around 380 more… and lets not talk about all the other photo folders I have from this trip that I haven’t yet even opened… it’s going to take some hours.

But not doing anything tonight. Because the V8 Hotel where I am staying at (which by the way is beautiful, and even better – just a few minutes ago I almost fell off my chair when I heard a big vrrrooom outside my window – so I’m surrounded by amazing vehicles) has a sauna, so fck photo editing to be honest, I’m going to the sauna instead (right choice, right?!). After that I need to plan the next few days, and perhaps sleep a few hours in my Morris Minor bed because I need to wake up early tomorrow and drive to Gemballa. Or possibly I’ll spend my night sitting in front of my other window and have a look at all those cars down there I would like to have. That’s also a pretty good way to spend a night.

We picked out dream cars together with doggy. I thought she looked good with the Lamborghinis.

But hopefully the photos will be worth waiting for!

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