San Marino

by Sara Norris

During my stay in Rimini I had to visit San Marino. It is just an approx. 40 minute bus ride from Rimini train station and round trip costs less than 10 euros, so totally worth it. I wanted to see it because of the views, and with a little workout in mind as well (too much panna cotta and gelato and pasta, my body was screaming for a little excercise). I got sweaty running uphills and in stairs, and I got some photos, so San Marino – check.

It is beautiful up there. I had a slightly cloudy day, which is charming too, but if you had a totally clear sky you would see all the way to the sea. Personally I like the shape of clouds and they can look damn good in photos, especially in high altitude.

Going up was a piece of cake, going down… what a journey. I felt hyperenergetic and decided that instead of waiting one hour for the next bus, I will start walking down and catch a bus on a later stop somewhere. What I didn’t know was that San Marino doesn’t have any good walking trails down (or at least I didn’t find them), so basically you walk on the road next to the cars and pray that they will slow down in the corners or you might have to jump into the bushes unless you want to get hit by one. After probably one hour of walking down (and improvising in the jungle when it wasn’t possible to walk on the street) it wasn’t anymore possible to continue walking on that road and I had two options left. First one was to walk back up and take the damn bus anyway. Second was to jump in someone’s car and get a ride down. So grazie mille to the Italian gentleman who gave me a ride down from San Marino. He must have thought I’m an idiot… luckily he didn’t speak a word English so we were able to enjoy the ride down in silence. No need to explain anything.

So learn from my mistakes and stick to the motor vehicles.

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keane June 13, 2012 - 12:50 am

Great photos :) We visited San Marino on the day you posted this. Beautiful place.


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