Italy’s Motor Valley, Emilia Romagna

by Sara Norris

It does probably not come as a surprise if I say that the main reason why I wanted to visit Italy was the cars. Blogville offered me a great location in Bologna, in the heart of Motor Valley, close to everything I needed and with a selection of automotive places to visit so huge that it was impossible for me to get to them all in the short period I spent in Bologna. I got to see a lot of places, but I have also several that have to wait until next time – like Pagani and some private car collections, and damn it, Ferrari factory must be doable somehow too. One day, one day.
And there will be a next time, of course. Motor Valley is not an once in a lifetime experience, Motor Valley is an automotive mecca you just want to return to. I could go once or twice a year for the rest of my life and there would always be something new and interesting there to see and experience, and with that said, I have already marked at least May 2013 in my calendar as my “Italy month” with events like Mille MigliaConcorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este and I wouldn’t mind attending Lamborghini Driving Academy either if they have it available then. Also Lamborghini will celebrate its 50 year anniversary in May 2013, so it is going to be a good month to visit Emilia Romagna – see you there I hope?
Motor Valley wouldn’t be Motor Valley without the amazing people you are lucky enough to meet. I love the cars, but I also love the people who share the experience with me. Interesting conversations with museum guides who are so into the same things as you are that you almost find yourself finishing each other’s sentences with a person you have never met before. Having lunch with Fabio Lamborghini who is such an incredible gentleman that after five minutes it felt like you have known him forever. That was often how it felt like to meet an Italian, it was like connecting with an old friend! Finding a guy driving a Golf GTI with a Nürburgring decal on it (that is always a good sign) and next thing you know you are listening to sweet car sounds on Youtube, discussing air conditioning and horsepowers and exhaust systems, and going through the Italian car vocabulary (my favorite word is of course accelerazione).
What I am trying to say that Motor Valley will blow you away with the cars, but if you go, you are also very likely to to experience the petrolhead connection with people alike. You won’t be disappointed!
Motor Valley - Lamborghini factory tour
Motor Valley - Lamborghini Showroom
Motor Valley - Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari

Motor Valley - Official Ferrari Museum

Motor Valley - Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini

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Tuure Turunen June 12, 2012 - 8:06 am

Motor Valley seems like a perfect place for me to visit.. too bad my girlfriend would probably go nuts with all the car talk.. :D


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