Lamborghini Museum / Showroom – an art gallery for the car lover

by Sara Norris

This is a photo post, but just a few words. First of all I hope I reach the right audience and don’t have to explain why one post has 116 photos of Lamborghinis, from full shots to small beautiful details (if you like them too, you will understand). When I wandered around there taking pictures of the cars I saw smooth lines, color nuances, small details, interesting angles… and some dust, of course. It was nice to be able to enjoy all the small details as well and not just take a quick walk there and have an overall look. When you see them on the street, they are epic (and sound epic). When you have a closer look, they become even more special. A dream come true would be if I’d get all these cars on poppy fields, in the mountains, in front of lakes… they deserve a beautiful landscape background in photos, but they are beautiful anywhere of course.

Aventador images will be in the factory post, had to stop at 116 for now. Two of the white cars in this photo set are from the nearby Bullbar, where you also can test drive.

If you want to visit the Lamborghini Museum & factory in Sant’ Agata Bolognese go to their website for more information, opening hours and prices.

Please include a link back to this website if you want to publish a photo on your own blog. For commercial use, email. 

I was in Italy for BlogVille Emilia Romagna – for more information please visit the website.


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