Inside the Lamborghini factory – making of Aventador

by Sara Norris

To get inside the Lamborghini factory and see the assembly line was one of the best automotive experiences I’ve had. It is extremely interesting to be able to see how they are built and how they look in progress. When you walk there you see the different stations and how it is coming to life, from engine to exhaust to seats and so on. Inside the selleria you see how they make the interior and seats, print the Raging Bull on leather, mark the faults in the leather with a white pen to be able to correct them later with a machine… and the people inside the selleria – many of them ladies – seem to do a perfect job. On the other stations I only saw one woman that day, there are more than one though and that is awesome to know that a Lamborghini comes with a woman’s touch too.

The blue Aventador… the blue Aventador. Aventador is for me the most beautiful car of the 21st century (and the Honda NSX obviously of the 20th century!). I do love the orange and it looks damn good in verde ithaca too, but that dark blue is quite extraordinary. We asked if the color has a name and apparently not, it was a custom order from a client. Lucky him or her!

I don’t want to tell you all the information the guide told me, because I wish all of you automotive fans would get a chance to do a Lamborghini factory tour yourself one day. It’s not the same thing to read and look at photos as it is to hear and to actually see it happen, with a very good guide (thank you Lamborghini for that, our guide was wonderful).

The day I can afford a Lamborghini – I’m not even going to say if I can afford a Lamborghini because that is no longer an option, if you really want something you will do what it takes to get it (I always say it is about choices for people who can’t afford everything they want – some want a luxury villa or a huge apartment and choose those over cars, while I don’t care about that stuff and would rather buy my dream cars) – I would love to spend my days at the factory to witness the making of my very own car on the assembly line. To get your dream car is already a dream come true, but to get your dream car and actually be able to follow how they build it from scratch in the Lamborghini factory, the car you are later going to own and drive… I mean that must be the ultimate dream come true and if you can have that in life I don’t think you need much more. So Lamborghini, the day in future I will place my order you know my order comes with this special request!

If you want to visit the Lamborghini Museum & factory in Sant’ Agata Bolognese go to their website for more information, opening hours and prices.

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