Pirelli Pzero – fashion inspired by motorsports

by Sara Norris

I haven’t seen many motorsport & racing inspired fashion labels – what you mainly find is the so called fan apparel from car manufacturers (Ferrari, Lamborghini etc). But now I found a cool company called Pirelli Pzero and I really like the clean designs – nothing over the top, just stylish. A quote from the Pzero website is “Oversized logos, colour contrasts, racing themes, patches, pin-up girls and iconic references to motor racing in the 1980’s.” and while you can see inspirations from that in the men’s collection (although done with taste, they looked cool), the women’s collection is minimalistic – and very nice.

Not loving the prices, obviously. On the other hand I have just decided to narrow down my snowboard jackets (that you need outside the slope too in Finland, it’s freezing cold god damn it…) to two of my jackets of better quality so I feel that with jackets I am willing to invest more money into them. Better to have a few really good, than ten and then you anyway just use one or two of them (that happened to me last winter, I lived in my yellow Makia Raglan Parka 24/7 and forgot about all the other jackets I owned). However my limit has been 200-250€ and that is a little different than the 500€ that most of the Pirelli Pzeros jackets cost (online shop here). But maybe one day.

Their designer collaborations are also interesting – and they have chosen great brands to work with.

Burton for Pirelli Pzero Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection will consist of a Mistery snowboard, Burton Diode EST Made for Pirelli bindings, and finally the main product Burton ION boot with a Pirelli sole. That set up is pretty damn goodlooking by the way and “The Mistery snowboard is Burton’s lightest snowboard yet, agile and fast, in glossy black with gold details. Like a Pirelli race car.” sounds promising – we like race cars and high speed (and snowboarding).

With Diego Delcini Capsule Collection for Pzero they go more in the high fashion direction – but the result is not as red carpet as you would think when you hear Diego Delcini (I absolutely love his designs), the shoes look comfortable for everyday wear. Although I’d love to see other colors than black too. When I think racing inspired shoes I see bright colors, stripes, aerodynamics and smooth shapes, carbon fiber… with racing inspired shoes (even high heels, not only sneakers) you could get really creative if you want to.



Pirelli Corso Venezia / Pirelli Pzero on Twitter, Pinterest.

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