Timepieces. Three years ago I for the first time found a watch for my wrist that I really liked and wore faithfully – a Triwa Nevil Havana Brown, Swedish design. Not an expensive watch at all, a couple of hundred euros, but I liked the look of it. I wore it so faithfully I eventually […]

I haven’t seen many motorsport & racing inspired fashion labels – what you mainly find is the so called fan apparel from car manufacturers (Ferrari, Lamborghini etc). But now I found a cool company called Pirelli Pzero and I really like the clean designs – nothing over the top, just stylish. A quote from the Pzero […]

One of our more interesting fashion designers from Finland is definitely Olav design by Jussi Salminen. Pieces are unisex, yes – even the dresses, and the collection “Shaved” is actually designed using human hair. Strange idea, but the bags and necklaces look good, so I suppose it does not matter what hair they have used […]

Because I rarely shop at H&M I have not been following what they have in stores right now, and today I found something that made me regret my lack of interest for this clothing chain. I found the next best thing after my retro Rip Curl wetsuit and it is most likely sold out everywhere […]

You are looking at a to-be summer favorite of mine. Found this Zara brown jumpsuit in Tallinn actually but they only had two sizes left there, S and L, so had to take the S although it was a little oversized on me. Then later I found an XS for sale and got that. I […]

Black sheer maxi skirt – Zara, sleeveless top – Bik Bok, shoes – Lectric from Topshop & that shirt needs a date with an     

Wearing Zara snakeskin boots, “By the Lake” lace top – Cameo (love their stuff!), jeans – Pull & Bear

I do it with cars as well, sit and browse around the internet looking at cars I can not afford. From twin turbo Gallardos to supercharged NSX:s to RWB Porsches. So because I already have this “crave things you can not get” (of course I always try to balance things up, and then I move […]

In 2009 I bought a dress for a wedding. It is from the Australian brand Gripp Jeans and the dress was called Heart of Fire. Today it falls off me. Seriously, it falls off me. Numbers do not tell that much but obviously I can see that if I had some curves (= an ass) back […]

My new love. Wow. That blue jumpsuit is so insanely gorgeous – well all of the pieces below are, but especially the jumpsuit. It feels like I need it in my life. I can not believe Carlos Luna is not more widely known yet! Why haven’t people found this brilliant fashion designer? Like Carlos Luna […]

I plan to be in bikini shape first week of June in Rimini. I haven’t started with the workout yet though, maybe it would be about time now? Less than two months to go. To get in the mood so to say and have been doing guy stuff lately = been browsing around the internet […]

The streets are dry and clean and not a lot of snow left – finally! I think the high heel season can officially begin. Why is it by the way that you imagine you have a lot of shoes and then you manage to include most of them in one photo & you look at […]

It really does not happen very often but now I am dying to own a dress- The Mert Otsamo lace gown. Of course I just HAD to ask how much it is when I emailed and asked for a full size photo, and the answer was sort of what I expected to hear, It also […]

I rarely write about beauty products but now I have to share this. I have been using a product called Neulash on-off for several months (some weeks daily or every other day, then some weeks not at all). I live a quite makeup free life, but whenever I wear makeup I nowadays often skip the […]

This guy is only 17 years old!! I’m speechless. AMAZING IMAGES. Find more images on his blog Picture Puttonen (superb outfit pictures as well, such a stylish guy) and like on Facebook to support his work. Images by Mikko Puttonen, loaned from his blog.