Extend the road trip season, get a Subaru

by Sara Norris



Now I am not saying you have to go to Scandinavia with it. There are plenty of other roads in Europe and beyond that are open in the winter with a lot of snow. In the Alps they close the higher passes in the winter, but I have seen videos from for example Romania. And I can almost guarantee that if you drive there you will find some nice roads that are Subaru ready, covered with powder snow. Before I thought road trip season is from April to November but I have completely changed my mind now. Road trip season is in fact 365 days a year, because there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong choice of car. Where will I be next winter? Probably on a road trip, or two. It will be cold, and slippery, but fun.

Or choose some other 4×4 driver’s car, but Subaru Imprezas are fun cars! And they do not cost a fortune to buy. Can you get something equally fun or even better for the same price, that would be a blast to take on a winter road trip? Difficult to find I think. You could buy an Evo, yes, if you prefer that. But really I can not think of many bang for the buck all-wheel drive sports cars that you can get for 10K or even less. And for 20K you could already buy a really good one.

The weather you can see in the video was not what we had most days. To be honest I even many times said that we are blessed with nice weather on this road trip, there were several sunny days. But for some reason the GoPro mainly came out from the bag when it was gloomy and snowing!

December to March should be the Subaru months!

Like I said – if you want to extend the road trip season, get a Subaru. I think I will. It is never too late to try to become a better driver on snow and ice!

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