Day 2 – 390 km: To the hills of Prosecco via Kreuzbergpass

From Grossglockner my journey continued to my next overnight stop – Tenuta Contarini a bit south from Belluno, in the Treviso region of Italy (known for their “green hills of Prosecco”).

After Grossglockner I could have turned left to Felbertauern Straße (road 108) and take that route back, but because I drove it on the first day I wanted to try another route. I could also have driven a bit more to the right and there would have been the A10 highway south. But navigation took me to a road between A10 and Grossglockner – road 167.

Porsche 911 Targa Train

That road has a Tauern motorail train, Böckstein – Mallnitz. I had never been with a car on a train before, and I had definitely not planned to end up on one either. But €17 to the guy and five minutes later I had my Porsche parked ready for departure. I had this video playing in my head of a roller coaster ride in the mountains, train going up and down steep hills (do not ask where this idea came from, I just have a fantastic imagination). Those about 15 minutes (felt like an hour of course) I was sitting in passenger train wondering if I actually had left the handbrake on and if not, what mess would wait for me when train stopped… The reality was a smooth ride through tunnels. Not a roller coaster…..

Porsche car train Austria

The drive that starts after you get off that train is epic, so after stress comes a reward. No tight mountain passes but instead amazing sweepy corners, long straights, beautiful landscapes and total freedom to enjoy the car.

Kreuzbergpass Porsche

In Italy I ended up on a mountain pass called Kreuzbergpass (Passo Monte Croce, 1636 m). It was not a planned one at all (never heard of it before), instead it just happened to be on my route. If the road surface would be in better condition, it could be a pretty nice road. Now some parts are so bad that you focus on driving it carefully and avoiding the worst parts, instead of enjoying the car on a road that would have potential to be a really exciting driving road. Personally I feel no need to return to Kreuzbergpass unless I know there is new asphalt from start to finish, and not quick fixes that make this road a very bumpy ride.

Treviso Porsche Targa

After an afternoon with rain and thunderstorms I arrived to San Pietro di Feletto Treviso just in time for sunset. This region of Italy is very beautiful. With the vineyards and hills it is a little like a smaller version of Tuscany and I have to say there are some truly incredible roads in this region. Of course I had to do a photo stop because the colours of a setting sun over this landscape, and then that picture perfect Porsche… One of my favourite cars in one of my favourite countries. I could get used to it.


Written by Sara Norris
I'm Sara - a petrolhead, journalist, blogger, and photographer - with a passion for exploring the world's greatest driving roads in the best driver's cars. I'm the founder and CEO of the luxury driving tour company Colcorsa. At Colcorsa we create for our customers bespoke driving tours – an exclusive supercar driving experience on some of the best driving roads in Europe, in your dream performance car or classic car.