There is one restaurant in Emilia Romagna that deserves it’s own post – Restaurant da Cesari in Bologna. Although I enjoyed really good food for more than two weeks in Italy, I mean seriously extremely good food, this place has a special place in my heart, and stomach. This is where my to-be life long […]

My need for speed is expanding. Project 2013 is to get a motorcycle licence, totally. And when I have it, I want to own a 1970’s Ducati 750 SS or something very similar one day. The Super Sport is goooorgeous but on the other hand I haven’t really browsed for other nice vintage bikes because […]

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Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari opened in Modena earlier this year and this must be one of best museum designs I have ever seen. Bright, modern, spectacular building, and there is nothing distracting you – just cars. Astonishing cars, as you can see. Not only Ferraris but you can also find Alfa Romeo, Maserati and this time […]

I haven’t seen many motorsport & racing inspired fashion labels – what you mainly find is the so called fan apparel from car manufacturers (Ferrari, Lamborghini etc). But now I found a cool company called Pirelli Pzero and I really like the clean designs – nothing over the top, just stylish. A quote from the Pzero […]

Rimini… when the Blogville team informed us that we have to move from Bologna to Rimini one day earlier than planned because of the earthquakes I didn’t want one extra day in Rimini – Bologna was nice. I informed them that I might miss the train by accident, but there was a shuttle bus coming […]

It was yesterday when I sat and thought that it is a shame that we do not have any car manufacturers in Finland. We have Valmet Automotive though, a Finnish contract manufacturer of premium speciality cars. There cars like for example the Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayman and several Saab:s have been made. From more premium […]

To get inside the Lamborghini factory and see the assembly line was one of the best automotive experiences I’ve had. It is extremely interesting to be able to see how they are built and how they look in progress. When you walk there you see the different stations and how it is coming to life, […]

This is a photo post, but just a few words. First of all I hope I reach the right audience and don’t have to explain why one post has 116 photos of Lamborghinis, from full shots to small beautiful details (if you like them too, you will understand). When I wandered around there taking pictures […]


During my stay in Rimini I had to visit San Marino. It is just an approx. 40 minute bus ride from Rimini train station and round trip costs less than 10 euros, so totally worth it. I wanted to see it because of the views, and with a little workout in mind as well (too […]

It does probably not come as a surprise if I say that the main reason why I wanted to visit Italy was the cars. Blogville offered me a great location in Bologna, in the heart of Motor Valley, close to everything I needed and with a selection of automotive places to visit so huge that […]

On 25.5. the Blogville Emilia Romagna group visited a producer of traditional Italian balsamic vinegar, Acetaia San Giacomo. When we drove on a tiny sandroad I didn’t know what to expect and where we will end up, but oh, that farm is stunning. The old stone building is breath taking and the views over green […]