When it was time to drive south to Brescia for the Cars & Coffee I was determined to find a good scenic route for the GT3. The fastest way would have been to take the highway from Zürich but instead I chose to take the road to the St. Moritz direction. To find open mountain […]

With the Nissan GT-R I was following some of the same routes I had done with 991 GT3 the month before. Booked an apartment for one night in Tremosine sul Garda. Village Hotel Lucia in a nice location, I was sitting on the private terrace with my laptop for many hours, just enjoying the lake […]

When I for the first time asked Mercedes-Benz Finland about their Mercedes-AMG GT S press cars I knew they had there their press cars were not yet available for test drives. A few months later I finally was able to book one for a two day drive. Because I do not have any relationship with […]

Driving roads in beautiful landscapes is one reason why I love Tuscany, but the other really is the good food I find there. The quality of the food and all the great new restaurants I find each time I am there. Again I have visited places that truly deserve a special mention here because of […]

On my way south from Zürich to Italy I stopped one night in a town next to Maranello before driving to Tuscany the next day. All roads lead to Tuscany… I drove quite a lot of roads I have been on before but also many new ones. I had my friend seated in the co-driver’s seat […]

After several days in the Pyrenees it was time to relax a little. Instead of doing a crazy route that would take several hours of my time I decided to drive straight to Provence from Carcassonne. In Provence I checked in to the five star Hotel La Coquillade, a hotel that is based in Gargas […]

After doing a first short photo shoot in the hills above Monaco (see all the very nice pics in this post) with Italian photographer Federico Bajetti, I met up with him again when I stopped at Lake Garda on my way back from Monaco. First we did a few photos in the evening and the […]

One of the reasons why I love road trips more than just doing regular 1-2 week test drives is that on road trips I am able to create a day by day photo journey. There is something very special about finding those beautiful photo locations every day in different regions. It is also a challenge […]

I have found so many incredibly beautiful photos online of the racing yellow Porsche 991 GT3 that I on my #gt3tour took to Cars & Coffee Brescia, the first event of the year organized by Cars & Coffee Italy. Many of the shots so good they they need to be shared and I also want […]