WRC Rally France 2012 – SS15 Pays de la Haute Bruche 2

by Sara Norris

This evening I arrived to La Bresse in the Vosges mountain valleys – still in Lorraine, although I went to the Alsace side today to check out the rallies. Driving today has been a nightmare – short story about that here. First I did a little hill climbing to Forêt d’ Abreschviller and if you have a look at the route you see that some parts were quite interesting – like the navigator said, make a u-turn (especially when you have no idea what is around the corner – not a lot of traffic today though, but a few motorcycles and they of course drive insanely fast on those roads…). Then when I got to the areas of WRC I found out that most of the roads I wanted to use (read: my navigator wanted me to use) were closed and I had absolutely no idea where I was going, would I make it in time for any SS if I start driving around and trying to find other routes… so when I got lost I ended up in Colroy-la-Roche – destination for one of the special stages – and decided to just stay there. Today felt like a day when you take the easy solutions, because I am also very good at making things hard for myself if I start replanning.

So only one French SS (but I will see more on Sardinia) for me – the SS15 Pays de la Haute Bruche 2 – but it was nice to see at least something here in the area. I have not got a clue what kind of view I am waking up to tomorrow, arrived here when it was completely black outside, serpentine roads, navigator gave me the wrong address and took me half an hour to find the place… in a way this is interesting – not to know what is outside your window when you wake up!

I was going to write I do not have a lot of pictures from the rallies but then I checked the camera and hey there were a few… what is the point in leaving them on a memory card, so here are some of them. The spot was not very interesting for photography (I want to see jumps!), but anyway – sounds were nice, should have taken a video instead :)

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