Paris Motor Show: McLaren P1

by Sara Norris

One of the cars I looked forward to seeing live most was the new McLaren P1. And wow… gorgeous. Sadly only a small amount of people got to take closeup pics of it because of long queues and show coming to an end, but no closeups needed to be honest, I enjoy watching the big picture. They didn’t reveal that many technical details during the introduction (although you can find both facts and speculations in online articles already). Price interested me of course, and apparently we could be talking about a starting price from around £700k and £800k… I do not want one anymore ( ;p ). But it is really nice to look at and I bet it is really nice to listen to as well!

Update: Had to go back on first public day before I left Paris to take a few more shots of the cars – and found a few parked outside as well!

McLaren P1, McLaren MP4-12C and McLaren MP4-12C Spider

McLaren P1

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