A first impression can be enough to feel butterflies in your stomach. A short drive can be enough to make you want more. A day with a car can be enough to get attached to it. But have the car for a full weekend and you might return the keys in love. Especially if your […]

Yesterday I got the chance to do a photo shoot of a beautiful Jaguar E-Type Roadster, and how I ended up there is just luck. Finland has a very well known classic car dealer, Harri Asunta. A person I of course had heard of, it is a small country, but I had never met him […]

The best order to test a model range would maybe be to start with a base model, and then move up to the more powerful ones. But from Lotus Finland the first car I took for a test drive last year was an orange Lotus Exige S Club Racer, a car that has now been sold to […]

What would be the perfect way to end a road trip? To check in to a nice hotel, of course. When I said goodbye to my friends in Monaco I was not going to head back directly to Germany to return the Porsche. Instead I drove to Saint-Paul-de-Vence to check in to Le Mas de […]

How do you picture Monaco in your head? To really capture the feeling of the good life in Monaco, in just one single shot, I think you would need to get at least four things in that pic. A very nice looking car – supercar or classic, a big yacht, the Monaco skyline in the […]