#gt3tour Cars & Coffee Italy – Brescia 12.4.2015

by Sara Norris

The first program I had on my #gt3tour was Cars & Coffee Brescia that is a car meeting by Cars & Coffee Italy. I saw it was the week before Top Marques and also on my route from Switzerland to Monaco, so of course I signed up for it. I had never before attended a Cars & Coffee event before so it was a first time for me, but one would assume any petrolhead meeting in Italy should be a good one. It is after all Italy and Italians love their cars.

Purple Lamborghini Diablo

The event was incredible. I arrived there already the night before on Saturday to stay at Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel, where many of the car owners were staying as well and there was a big reserved parking area for the Cars & Coffee group. The nice thing with doing that was that I got to know a few people already before the event over a dinner. People I have followed online but never actually met. Marchettino aka Marco, the Italian Youtuber who also arrived with a Porsche press car (a Targa 4S in blue). Shmee150 aka Tim who drove all the way from UK with his green McLaren 650S as part of his “Where’s Shmee” Tour 2015. Seb Delanney, also a famous Youtube videoblogger. The organizers of the event that are a great bunch of petrolheads. It is nice to meet the real persons behind online accounts, I might road trip alone but that does not mean I am completely antisocial and avoid all people ;-)

Porsche rears

Porsche line Cars Coffee Brescia

Anyway, the event was a great one and the people were extremely friendly. It started with a private lunch only for the car owners, and there were more than 200 cars in total so you can imagine what an amount of cars and people. After that we did a drive to the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia where all the cars were on display for the public. The feeling of driving through the gates in to the museum was quite surreal, it was a massive crowd outside waiting and cheering to everyone – what an atmosphere!!


Photo by Darragh McKenna from Marchettinos Targa 4S / Darragh “Macchina” on Facebook
Pagani and dog

Dog and Lambo Huracan

GT3 shade

I am also thankful for the lovely photos people have sent me afterwards of the Porsche or me and the Porsche together (will create a separate gallery for photos by others!), and comments like “you and your Porsche were the most beautiful thing at Cars & Coffee” or “Cars&Coffee in Brescia was fantastic especially because you were there!” makes my day 100% ;-) People came and told me they absolutely love it in yellow and I can only 100% agree. It is gorgeous.

Ferrari FXX Brescia CC

Aventador orange

The next Cars&Coffee Italy event will be in Caserta (close to Naples) on 9th May. Unfortunately I probably will not be able to attend that one, I do have a car that weekend but Zürich – Caserta is a long weekend round trip. Feels a little too long. However the third this year is one I will definitely attend, on 19th September in Turin (Torino). They do have a website but they seem to be more active on Facebook, so follow that page and their Instagram to stay updated about next event and how to register your car if you want to join!

Hope to see a lot of lovely people and cars in Torino at least :-)

Blue McLaren 650S Cars Coffee Italy

458 Speciale Cars Coffee Brescia

Mille Miglia Porsche 991 GT3

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Ingela Fredriksson May 5, 2015 - 8:10 pm

Beautiful, nice roadtrip and event, i really hope i will experience that one day:) You have a very nice site, maybee you can see my blogg http://www.lamborghiniwife.com and give me some tips.

Sara Näse May 8, 2015 - 1:31 am

More female car enthusiasts, nice! Ännu trevligare att bloggen är på svenska, ska definitivt följa dina resor :-) Mycket bilder uppskattas självklart av alla men helt ärligt talat snygg kvinna med snabba bilar = du borde göra en video från t.ex. Gumball ;-)


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