When I said I had test driven a Tesla Model S P85D – and that I actually quite enjoyed driving the car – the reactions were what I sort of expected. “How can you like a Tesla? It is electric, it is quiet, it is like a big computer that does everything for you. It […]

“Do you want to drive the Ferrari to a music video shoot?” was the question classic car dealer Harri Asunta asked me a day in August. He knew I liked the car as I already had it for a weekend earlier, and if someone asked me do I want the keys back to an F355 […]

“Did you ever go on a great off road adventure?” was the question in an email I received. My reply was no. I have been off road driving a few times in past, but an adventure? In my opinion an adventure is a journey to the unknown. That is what I would like to call […]

There are the times when you have the keys to a car and just have to start recording some video, because if you skipped that part it would be a shame. The people would never hear what it sounds like – to read about something and see photos of something is not the same if […]

Last summer I was doing a photo shoot of a red Audi RS2 Avant (photo gallery) and now when a black one arrived for sale to the same dealer I got the chance to photograph a black one as well. This car has a slightly higher mileage compared to the red one, almost 200 000 […]