When I got two hashtag stickers for the Porsche 991 GT3 before going out on the trip – #gt3tour and @getpalmd – it was mainly with Monaco in mind. I knew that during the dates of Top Marques there would be car spotters in every corner of the streets around Monte Carlo. I was hoping […]

I feel I have been very lucky because I have been able to visit Tuscany several times in the past two years and I have had the privilege to also see the many sides of this beautiful region in Italy. From the busy alleys inside Florence Old Town to the seaside retreats on the Tuscan […]

During my years of road tripping I have spent very long days in cars. I love to drive long distances. 400-600 km a day on mountain roads is not a problem to me, but as you can guess I do not spend much time outside the car those days. Stopping to take photos takes time, […]

After an early morning shoot at Lake Garda I had to start a drive back to Switzerland to return the Nissan GT-R to Nissan Schweiz. I know I am really lucky to even get access to cars like this, with price tags so high that I am not in the position right now to buy […]

Col du Mont Ventoux was my main reason for going to Provence. I read about this road and knew I want to drive it, it looked so beautiful in the photos I found. To drive to some of the roads I already knew about in Alpes-Maritimes before heading up via the “Route des Grandes Alpes” […]

I had driven Col de Turini twice before, last October, when I decided to return there with the Porsche 991 GT3 after the trip to Monaco. Sunday afternoon I started an 1,5 hour drive from Monte Carlo to the top of Col de Turini with one plan in mind – stay overnight at top of […]