Last month I picked up a black Alfa Romeo 4C from Motorvillage Zürich for a five day test drive. The car was booked for earlier dates in May but because some mountain passes I expected to be open mid-May were not open yet, I moved the dates a few weeks forward. This was not the […]

Last year I did a road trip from Switzerland to Tuscany with a Toyota GT86. I discovered a lot of lovely roads there, including rally stages, and also did a day trip to Elba Island with my friends Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG. This year I did a repeat drive of last years trip, but now with […]

Here a video with mixed footage from the four nights / five days I spent with the GT3 in Monaco, and around Monaco. I rented an apartment just at the border between France and Monaco, in Beausoleil, also with a garage. Although it would have been a walking distance to Monaco I actually walked just […]