After my sailing adventure in La Maddalena I took a much needed timeout. I had a voucher to spend at the accommodation booking website so I did a search for Sardinia, found an apartment in a town called Dorgali that I booked, and changed my ferry booking from Olbia to Livorno thanks to Direct […]

I spent yesterday drooling over some of the fine things in life. First I did some four wheel drooling, can admit that I would really like this Subaru Impreza WRX STI version 6 to be the first thing I see in the morning when I wake up and look out from the window (or perhaps even this  – […]

First driving heaven dream come true on this trip – well, after Nürburgring, but I didn’t actually drive on the track so can’t count that in – was Grimsel Pass and right after it, Furka & Oberalp Pass. I don’t think many people would write about the world’s best driving roads without including them – […]

One of the coolest experiences on this trip has absolutely been my four nights on a sailing boat in La Maddalena, Sardinia. When I earlier looked for accommodation on Sardinia I got disappointed when I wasn’t able to find boat accommodation (or at least not budget friendly boat accommodation, luxury yachts are easy to find). […]

My first destination in Switzerland was Meiringen, a town in a valley surrounded by mountains – absolutely stunning location. Stayed with 3 guys there – I first booked only one night because Grimsel Pass is very close to Meiringen and that was my grand plan for Switzerland, but because of bad weather I ended up […]

My last stop in France before going over the border to Switzerland was Mulhouse. Not because of the city itself, but because of the Cité de l’Automobile car museum – Schlumpf Collection. There is such an overwhelming amount of cars there. Although the really vintage cars are interesting to look at, I personally prefer when […]

I was going to publish these photos in the post about Château d’Alteville but have to do two posts, because I did not realize I had that many photos. During my four night stay in Alteville, Lorraine I also walked around Tarquimpol and to Domaine de Lindre to take some photos. The walking paths are […]

My mum asked me today why I have not updated the blog. I told her I have like 15 drafts waiting to be published but so many photos (and videos) and everything and there is not enough free time after driving, eating, exploring and sleeping. But I will have to do something about it, so […]

This evening I arrived to La Bresse in the Vosges mountain valleys – still in Lorraine, although I went to the Alsace side today to check out the rallies. Driving today has been a nightmare – short story about that here. First I did a little hill climbing to Forêt d’ Abreschviller and if you […]

Tomorrow I have been traveling for two weeks – that feels unreal, because time just flies by and it absolutely does not feel like I have been on the road for two weeks. I have seen some incredible places during this journey and I am going to see so many more great places, but yesterday […]

Today I pampered myself with food. During this journey I am learning to deal with that “going to a restaurant alone” thing. Yesterday when I booked a table for tonight to La Cave a Champagne here in Èpernay the waitress said “for two?” “no, for one”. It is not embarrasing – I know, like I […]

I had one free day in Paris without any motorshow activities and used that wisely – I walked around for almost 7 hours. Took the metro from Vanves where I stayed (nice area) to Louvre and then walked, walked, walked… The funny thing was that I did not take a single photo of the city. […]