I asked a friend on Facebook where I should drive – 3 days time and nearly 700 km to drive from Hörstel, Germany to Paris. 2 stops along the way and I could get away with driving around 250 km per day. Plans changed – because he said go to Nürburgring. I actually had thought […]

One of the cars I looked forward to seeing live most was the new McLaren P1. And wow… gorgeous. Sadly only a small amount of people got to take closeup pics of it because of long queues and show coming to an end, but no closeups needed to be honest, I enjoy watching the big […]

Currently all day at the Paris Motor Show and sadly not a lot of spare time for any kind of live updates, it is reveal after reveal and an insane amount of cars to photograph… So I will publish photos tonight and tomorrow instead, when all press conferences are over. But hey, I did find […]

On Saturday I had to decide where to drive from Lübeck and decided to go for National Park Schleswig-Holstein Wattenmeer. However without internet connection and with a Nokia Lumia 900 that erased ALL the maps I had downloaded for offline mode (we do not talk about it, I was so pissed off – plus it […]

Currently I am sitting on Finnlines Europalink on my way to Travemünde from Helsinki. The ship departed from Helsinki yesterday 5.30 pm and I will arrive to Travemünde this evening, so total travel time 27 hours. When I first started to plan a road trip I originally wanted to start in August already and continue […]