I have found so many incredibly beautiful photos online of the racing yellow Porsche 991 GT3 that I on my #gt3tour took to Cars & Coffee Brescia, the first event of the year organized by Cars & Coffee Italy. Many of the shots so good they they need to be shared and I also want […]

Last month I picked up a black Alfa Romeo 4C from Motorvillage Zürich for a five day test drive. The car was booked for earlier dates in May but because some mountain passes I expected to be open mid-May were not open yet, I moved the dates a few weeks forward. This was not the […]

Last year I did a road trip from Switzerland to Tuscany with a Toyota GT86. I discovered a lot of lovely roads there, including rally stages, and also did a day trip to Elba Island with my friends Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG. This year I did a repeat drive of last years trip, but now with […]

Last year when I visited my friend in Tuscany and needed to wash the Toyota GT86 I was driving he showed me a self car wash place in Cecina. The owner told me that come back next year because he is opening a Razor Touchless Car Wash (by Washworld) and he will be the first […]

A few years ago I spent a few months on the Ligurian coast, in Portovenere. With sea view. And it was beautiful. I have not been back to this area since I moved away and now I felt it was time to return there for a short stay and of course a GT3 is a […]

A video from Cars and Coffee Brescia on 12.4.2015. Amazing event – lovely locations, beautiful cars, friendly people, the incredible crowd of people waiting for the cars to arrive at the gates to the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia… Thank you, thank you! Nice cars brought a great bunch of petrolheads together from all over Europe and […]

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The first program I had on my #gt3tour was Cars & Coffee Brescia that is a car meeting by Cars & Coffee Italy. I saw it was the week before Top Marques and also on my route from Switzerland to Monaco, so of course I signed up for it. I had never before attended a […]

Colle del Nivolet and a Nissan 370Z Nismo… Wow. I have some nice video footage showing the landscapes there that I will include in the road trip video. But I believe and hope that already from the photos you can see what an amazing and scenic driving road this is. The only negative thing I […]

After Great and Little St Bernard Pass the journey continued to one of the roads I looked forward to the most – Col de l’Iseran. The three highest and probably also most famous French mountain passes in this region of the French Alps – Col du Galibier, Col de l’Iseran and Col de la Bonette […]

Tuscany is so hard to explain as a place. I visited Tuscany the first time in May 2014 so I had only travelled to other parts of Italy before this. I had of course seen many photos of Tuscany online, the famous landscapes. But it is not before you are in Tuscany yourself you see […]

I am trying to come up with as many flattering words as possible to describe the fantastic driving route I enjoyed on the second day of the road trip with the Nissan 370Z Nismo. However it almost feels like I am running out of words again and just want to let the photos do the […]

On Facebook a familiar name popped up one day. Fabio Lamborghini. I met him in 2012 when I visited the Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini at its old location and now Fabio told me the museum moved to a new place last spring. I think he knew what to expect after that comment – I said I […]

I have spent three months without my dog because of a lot of travel (for work, for leisure road trips I usually go with the dog, but work trips and events are more difficult). When my mother said instead of me having to go to Helsinki and pick her up from their home in November, […]

Last month I was down in Tuscany working on a group tour. This was the first time I saw a Lamborghini Huracan out in the wild and that we had a red one made everything even better. Do not get me wrong, I also think the green “Verde Mantis” is an amazing colour for this […]

I like route planning. For myself maybe more than I do for other people, because I sometimes drive 10-12 hours per day… Easily. With very few stops. That is one of the reasons why travelling alone (or with the dog) is much less complicated – I only have myself to take care of, and no […]