I test drove a Porsche 718, the new model where a 6-cyl naturally aspirated flat six engine has been replaced with a new turbo 4-cyl engine, the first time in Finland last June. The car was a lava orange Porsche 718 Boxster S, the one with a 2.5L engine producing 350 hp, but sadly without […]

There are the times when you have the keys to a car and just have to start recording some video, because if you skipped that part it would be a shame. The people would never hear what it sounds like – to read about something and see photos of something is not the same if […]

It has been a month and a half since I had the Porsche 718 Boxster S for a test drive for two days from Porsche Finland, and still today I struggle to decide what I really think of the 718. I would like to start by saying that a 718 was actually a car that […]

When I found out Lotus Finland had ordered another Lotus Evora 400, this time a red with an automatic gearbox, I was quick to tell them I want to shoot it while I am still in Finland. Last year I test drove the manual Evora 400 that was black, you can read about it here. […]

A first impression can be enough to feel butterflies in your stomach. A short drive can be enough to make you want more. A day with a car can be enough to get attached to it. But have the car for a full weekend and you might return the keys in love. Especially if your […]

The best order to test a model range would maybe be to start with a base model, and then move up to the more powerful ones. But from Lotus Finland the first car I took for a test drive last year was an orange Lotus Exige S Club Racer, a car that has now been sold to […]

My focus has not been on this site lately – sorry, but there will be fresh stuff in a few months time again. I had a day when I needed a break from the other at the moment more important things though, and decided to go through the Civic Type R video clips from the […]

When I picked up the Lotus Exige S Club Racer for a test drive I also saw the black Lotus Evora 400 that Lotus Finland / Autoverkkokauppa.com had in their showroom. A car that was so fully booked by local media that it was uncertain if I would even get a chance to drive it […]

Here the test drive video I did of the Lotus Exige S Club Racer, for sale at Lotus Finland. I did what I was capable of during the few hours I had with the car, but take it as a teaser, because you will see more of this car in future! If it will be […]

A few days ago I had a very nice test drive for only a few hours on a rainy day, but it was enough to get to know the car and see what the car feels like. The story behind this test drive is that a couple of weeks ago I read online that you can now buy Lotus Cars […]

In my email inbox there is a conversation with the title “NSX”. That email is the reason why I ended up in a Honda Civic Type R. I am now in Helsinki visiting my family. I saw an advert from Honda Finland, which made me send them a message to ask when and if the […]

When I for the first time asked Mercedes-Benz Finland about their Mercedes-AMG GT S press cars I knew they had there their press cars were not yet available for test drives. A few months later I finally was able to book one for a two day drive. Because I do not have any relationship with […]

Last month I picked up a black Alfa Romeo 4C from Motorvillage Zürich for a five day test drive. The car was booked for earlier dates in May but because some mountain passes I expected to be open mid-May were not open yet, I moved the dates a few weeks forward. This was not the […]

On 10th February I left Zürich around 4:30 am, with a plan to reach BMW in Munich by 8 am. Because of traffic I was a little late but when I saw my reward for getting up early, all smiles. Last time I had a car from BMW was 2013 when I took their BMW Z4 sDrive35i […]

In November I got a message from one of the Briggs brothers, who are the founders of Briggs Automotive Company and the men behind the single seater street legal sports car BAC Mono. What first was an invitation to come over for a visit to their HQ in UK, and also join them for their […]


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