On day ten it was time to start the drive towards Munich, because I had to return the next day to BMW. I was supposed to take another route – turn left after the Munt la Schera Tunnel and head for road 27 in Switzerland. But I of course turned right after the tunnel. When […]

I woke up in a freezing cold Livigno. When you have been spoiled with a long summer (I moved to Italy in February = my summer started there, haha) the first real signs of an approaching winter are always a shock. Some hours later I would already be driving with the roof down in Switzerland, […]

One of the best days of this trip. Had a very relaxed day – short distance to drive. But instead time to enjoy the scenery. Stop whenever I wanted to because I had plenty of time to do it. Park the car. Sit down for an hour up on Umbrail Pass and watch my dog […]

I found a mountain pass heaven in the Dolomites. I added four passes in my navigation that day – Falzarego Pass, Valparola Pass, Gardena Pass and Pordoi Pass. They were right on my route to the direction of Stelvio from Sutrio, and I had a full day available to explore an area of Italy I […]

On day six I left Hungary and plan was to stay the next night in Italy, so only drove through Slovenia, no overnight stop there. I did some research before if there was anything in Slovenia I should see and found Vršič Pass on my route. It is located in the Julian Alps, and has an elevation […]

Day five of this trip was quite uninteresting. Woke up, left Romania, drove to Hungary. Spent a night by Lake Balaton and on the morning of day six I continued my journey towards Slovenia. So no nice landscape photos from day five. But to say something more about Romania… After three nights there I am […]

There I said it. Despite the fact that I went to sleep the evening of day three wondering what I really thought about the Transfagarasan Highway in Romania, I can now after a daylight drive admit that I really like it. However, I like Stelvio Pass too. And other European mountain passes I have been […]

Yesterday I wondered why my timing was so wrong – it was already getting dark when I arrived to Transfagarasan Highway, did not expect that. But no can do, the place I had booked a night at was on the other side of that mountain pass so what do you do – well you drive […]

I thought about this – should I confess what happened, or should I just “forget to mention”. But I decided I want to be a warning example instead – you learn from my mistake, please. Make sure you buy the vignettes (road tax) for every country that require them. “Vignettes are used in Austria, Bulgaria, […]

Day one (Friday) of the road trip was not super exciting, my only stops were on gas stations. I spent the whole day on highways, since 9 am to midnight – 15 hours! But from Düsseldorf to Munich I got a ride, so I did not have to drive that route myself. I had the […]

Tomorrow I will be sitting in a BMW Z4 on my way to Transfagarasan. FINALLY. I do not leave things to last minute because I necessarily want to — as you might know, Transfagarasan can close in October but if weather is good it can be open even in November. I knew it was a […]

A must see if you are in the area of Stuttgart is the Porsche Museum. Although it is not as big as the Mercedes-Benz Museum, it has the most amazing car collection. Everything you could think of, from classic Le Mans race cars to concepts that never made it to to production to the greatest […]

When I arrived to Château d’Alteville in Tarquimpol, Moselle (Lorraine, France – for more landscape photos of the area see my other post), I did not know if I would spend one night there, or perhaps even two. Often when I travel I feel I am going somewhere all the time, and especially on road […]