The streets are dry and clean and not a lot of snow left – finally! I think the high heel season can officially begin. Why is it by the way that you imagine you have a lot of shoes and then you manage to include most of them in one photo & you look at […]

Turn the volume up full blast and pause for a second at 0:29. Grin or shed a few tears, everything is allowed. How can there be so much awesomeness in one short video?! And where’s the full 30 minute version?!

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I have been having a folder called “Cars” on my desktop, full of images I love that I have found online. Now I got to take that hobby online and share it in an easy way because of Pinterest. I know Pinterest is a controversial topic because of the copyright questions around it, however I […]

It really does not happen very often but now I am dying to own a dress- The Mert Otsamo lace gown. Of course I just HAD to ask how much it is when I emailed and asked for a full size photo, and the answer was sort of what I expected to hear, It also […]

I have to start with my daily disappointment. Why are there no WordPress map plugins that would allow anyone to contribute to the map? I would have liked to find one that lets anyone pin interesting places on the map for me, but no. And why can’t you make a Pinterest board open for all, […]

I rarely write about beauty products but now I have to share this. I have been using a product called Neulash on-off for several months (some weeks daily or every other day, then some weeks not at all). I live a quite makeup free life, but whenever I wear makeup I nowadays often skip the […]

I have a last set of photos from Madeira here. Funchal is after all so small so things are easy to find there. For the best shopping you have the shopping streets in Funchal centre (between the cathedral and old town) Forum shopping mall (in Lido/Ajuda, green line bus), Madeira shopping mall (in Santa Quitéria, […]

I had two really good restaurant experiences on Madeira (both a 5 minute walk away from Pestana Village), so both deserve a mention here. LAREIRA PORTUGUESA Estrada Monumental, Travessa Doutor Valente, nº 7 – Google Maps A good seafood restaurant. I lost my octopus virginity here and yes, I would eat it again! I had the […]

When I wrote about the “Go with Oh” campaign I mentioned that I should do another post and tell you about some other cool campaigns going on online that I know of… so here we go. If you have something to add here, leave a comment, if it’s good I will surely shout out about […]

On Madeira I did another walk after the Pico Ruivo, this time the Rabaçal 25 Fontes levada walk (according to the brochure 9 km, again, I assume they all are less than what the brochures say). It was interesting to see another part of the island that was more green – probably not as green […]


I would feel bad if I didn’t share these photos with the car freaks out there who haven’t seen them yet. Because the photos are visually stunning and I can’t take my eyes off these cars. And good things are meant to be shared. Since I first spotted photos from D2FORGED on I have […]

I hadn’t decided to do any walk before I left for this holiday, because I knew that my travel companion would not be able to join me and I wasn’t sure if it would be a fun thing to do without a friend. However, a few days by the pool went by and I was […]

Pestana Village is 100% recommended. I have to start with these words, because I truly mean it. First of all I want to give as many stars as possible to the lovely service on this hotel. They are SO friendly, everyone, starting from the person welcoming you to the breakfast, to the cleaning lady knocking […]

I have spent one week on Madeira so some travel posts & more photos to follow shortly – but here is a little sneak peak. I thought that I will post the smartphone photos separately from my DSLR photos. The Lumia didn’t disappoint me this time either, on one mountain walk to the highest peak […]