Because I have booked a flight to Zürich on 24th for a job meeting (a meeting is one step closer to actually living there, and if one meeting is not enough to get me there, I fix more meetings…) I thought I would check rental apartments around Zürich. Just to get an idea of prices […]

My home decoration inspiration is at level zero right now because I just want to get a nice car, take my dog, and get out of this country and explore the world for a while. But when I am ready to settle down and have a nice permanent home, I want to fill it with […]

I have been having a folder called “Cars” on my desktop, full of images I love that I have found online. Now I got to take that hobby online and share it in an easy way because of Pinterest. I know Pinterest is a controversial topic because of the copyright questions around it, however I […]

Some days ago I found a link to an amazing house called Villa Am See located in the Alps, Switzerland and thought that is my dream house. But I just keep finding more and more gorgeous houses (and luxury garages) from that country. Seriously – Switzerland is the mecca of gorgeous villas and exotic garage […]

Today I found my dream sofa by a Finnish designer called Yrjö Kukkapuro. A 3 seater in black leather and dark wooden frame from the 60’s (they are available in different sizes and colors). Leather showed some signs of age and wear – just the way I like it. Price? 1500€! But still I walked […]

This guy is only 17 years old!! I’m speechless. AMAZING IMAGES. Find more images on his blog Picture Puttonen (superb outfit pictures as well, such a stylish guy) and like on Facebook to support his work. Images by Mikko Puttonen, loaned from his blog.

Found such a cool website with cinemagraphs that I am speechless, it is funny how such an old method as .gif can still be used to create something this wonderful. Images are from the by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. You have to check out the “Food” page as well, those were videos so […]

I want to find a big Honda (Acura) NSX pic to hang behind my plane, the wall there is so emtpy now. Need it large resolution for best print quality and I want it to be a beautiful pic (not just a car in a picture, I want the feeling). I have already emailed Format67 […]

I’m getting interior brainwashed by my family. First they made me desire the Eames lounge chair (and I have to get it, not an original because it’s 5000€+ but a fake “inspired by”… I need that piece of furniture in my life!). Then they showed me a next craving, and that’s a studio inspired floor […]

An Eames chair. An engine block table. A bottle of single malt. A few good car magazines. Amen.