After my drive on Colle del Nivolet I set the navigation to take me to my hotel for the next night, Grimsel Hospiz. This hotel is located directly on Grimsel Pass and is definitely the most luxurious hotel you can find directly on this road. Such an amazing place that I will have to dedicate […]

Colle del Nivolet and a Nissan 370Z Nismo… Wow. I have some nice video footage showing the landscapes there that I will include in the road trip video. But I believe and hope that already from the photos you can see what an amazing and scenic driving road this is. The only negative thing I […]

After Great and Little St Bernard Pass the journey continued to one of the roads I looked forward to the most – Col de l’Iseran. The three highest and probably also most famous French mountain passes in this region of the French Alps – Col du Galibier, Col de l’Iseran and Col de la Bonette […]