I got the chance to test the Nokia N8 through WOMWorld Nokia… a while ago, haha. But my computer is sooooo slow when I edit the video clips that I’ve kept saying to myself I’m gonna do it another day… and then again another day. Today was the another day, so finally I can publish […]

Photos from the X-treme Car Show, Helsinki 24.09.2011. Some nice cars of course, but I’m not a big fan of the interior and exterior tuning… I enjoy engine tuning (= power), but psychedelic paintwork, flashy lights etc = not my thing. Some exceptions, I spotted a few fresh leather interiors for example. And no, absolutely […]

I’m getting interior brainwashed by my family. First they made me desire the Eames lounge chair (and I have to get it, not an original because it’s 5000€+ but a fake “inspired by”… I need that piece of furniture in my life!). Then they showed me a next craving, and that’s a studio inspired floor […]

An Eames chair. An engine block table. A bottle of single malt. A few good car magazines. Amen.

Finally I’ve edited the photos from the trip. The WOMWorld Nokia video has not yet been published, still waiting, but here are my photos from Day 3 in Hong Kong, Thursday (and a few from Wednesday). It was the first day of the actual challenge called “48 hours in Hong Kong – Nokia Try Something […]

I didn’t think electric cars would win my heart, because I’m afraid of the lack of noise. Some people say that when you sit in a car that accelerate from 0-100 km/h in less than 4 seconds, you really do not care if you hear the engine or not. I have to disagree a little, […]

If you do not appreciate the beauty of this planet yet, you will after the “Art of Flight” snowboarding movie trailer and the scenery you get to witness. Can’t wait to see the full version – it’s going to be beautiful! I’m afraid my Alaska dream will grow even bigger after it, I just have […]

On Wednesday in Hong Kong we had some free time during the day, which we spent walking around the Soho area. Later that evening we moved on to the Nokia event. I have to start with this: god damn it the food was GREAT!! I made a big mistake because I looked at one table […]